Mar 7, 2009


So this is where we will be staying. Check out our room!
We found such a sweet deal today that I am beside myself with excitement! I am giggling as I write about this! Wow, OH WOW!
So we have this website that allows major discounts on cruises, resorts, ect., through Tone's work because he is an airline pilot. We are planning on going to the island of Ko Samui, Thailand, and so Tone was looking on the website for a good place to stay. We have found last minute is always best as the best deals are for only a week to a month ahead. WELL, we found this place for $15 a night! It's supposed to cost $4,500 for 7 nights! Yeah, it's a five star resort, golf course and spa, that we are going to stay in for 7 nights for $100 dollars TOTAL! One week here for $100 dollars. No kidding. We thought something was wrong maybe at first, but no, they just were giving that much of a discount. We snatched it up and are walking around today feeling like we just won the lottery.
Just look at the floor plan of our little bungalo and drool!
Oh yes, this is our room.
Our bathroom with a jacuzzi tub.

What our bungalo looks like from the outside.
Each room also has it's own jacuzzi outside and a terrace.
Yes, this would be a picture of our own private jacuzzi. :-)

An ariel pic of the resort which is right on a gorgeous beach on the island.

Another view of the resort. It has a spa, golf course, restaurants, a dinner cruise, tennis courts, a river running through it with a huge swimming pool, a jogging track, activities galore, kyaking, snorkeling, etc, etc, etc.
Woo hoo baby! I would just like to also point out that we are going to fly there first class. You know, with the lay down beds and fancy food? The total airfare is going to cost us $700 round trip for two people. It should cost us $30,000. Yeah, I'm not kidding. Of course, if we wanted to sit in coach, it would be free except for the little flight from Bangkok to the island, but, heck, why not fly first for that price!
This trip should cost us around $35,000 dollars or easily more, and we are doing it for less than $1,500. I guess if we wanted to fly coach, we could do it for around $800. Oh, it is so paying off right now to be the wife of a pilot!!!!!!! And Tone has worked so hard in a tough industry for a long while making next to nothing that I am so happy he gets this perk. We keep talking about all the things we are finding out about the place, and joking, "well, we DID pay $15 for it. We definately paid for and deserve that _____."
It reminds me of unmerited grace freely given by God. We surely don't deserve this place, and yet we are being blessed with it. God is loving us lavishly right now, and we are just walking around today with grins splitting our faces. "Every good and perfect gift comes from You." That verse gets quoted to me a lot when bad things happen so I can be reminded that God gives good things, but I love quoting this verse when awesome things like this happen too. What a gift He gave us today! I feel so loved.


  1. That is so awesome!!! Will that be the only place you stay, and the other few days are travel days, or are you going to stay elsewhere for a couple nights as well (since I thought you mentioned a 10 day trip). Make sure to take lots of pictures and thoroughly enjoy yourselves!!!

  2. We have two night in Bangkok at the beginning and two nights at the end for travel reasons. It is 10 days total though in Thailand. We are going to spend two days around Bangkok. One in the city, and one touring old temples and ruins a bit north.

  3. So cool, Jenny! And I couldn't be happier for you and Tone.

  4. Drooling, indeed! How exciting. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!