Mar 5, 2009

An unread book...a travesty!

For the first time ever in my life, I returned two books to the library without having read them. Isn't that the saddest thing you have ever heard? Usually, I am a voracious reader, and I devour everything in sight. Lately, I've had zero time, and I actually had to return them unread. Such a tragedy.

Since Spring is coming, my children have decided "Jingle Bells" is the song of choice at the moment. So appropriate don't you think?
Ainsley sings it, "Bo bo bo, bo bo bo, Waaaay!"
Hunter sings it, "Oh McFun, it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh."
They fight over singing it though, and Sissy tells him, "No! My Bo bo bo!" when he starts to sing too. You ought to hear the fights and the redundant renditions of this as they sing constantly in the car. Sometimes I would love to run screaming from the drivers seat when we stop at the next light.

Oh and speaking of the car, we have finally put Ainsley in Hunter's old carseat and bought him a new one. Technically, I think she's still a pound shy of the legal limit. But sheesh! The girl is 21 months, and still riding backwards in the baby seat. It's time to graduate. Her feet were hanging off the end. The real kicker for turning her around though was that her seat only fit in the middle. Since she couldn't see out, the only real entertainment was to harrass Hunter by kicking him every few seconds. Necessity for our sanity said that we turn her around and get her on the other side of the car, far out of reaching distance. It's been much better. Well, except, now that she can't touch him, they fight over who's turn it is to sing, "Jingle Bells."
I thought I would share a little sampling of the two of them when they are supposed to be coloring. Notice they are both wearing matching high water overalls. Hunter picked out the outfits. All their pants are getting highwater now, but with summer coming, I am reluctant to get them any pants. Pants are out of season in the stores until July anyhow, and swimsuits are in (even though there is still snow on the mountains). What's with that?

I also thought that I would unload the car. See that pile in the background behind Hunter? Most of that (minus the colored tanagram blocks), was pulled out of the car. Sheesh! Two kids come with a lot of stuff!