Apr 28, 2009

The Dentist

Yeah, I was afraid of the truth. After several years of not going to the dentist, Hunter and I went today. Hunter had to go before Kindergarten, and I joined him. I was seriously afraid of the amount of cavities I might have. I have also known for years that I need my wisdom teeth pulled, but we haven't been able to afford it. Tone got his pulled last year, and we made a deal that this year was "my" year. Divide up the costs, you know.
Hunter did fabulous. We were there for 2 hours, and he sat quietly and played with his Leapster. He did exactly what they asked him to do, and I was proud. Plus, he got a clean bill of health. No cavities! That kid lives for sugar and he has been known to grind his teeth, so I was a bit afraid. I brush his teeth really well and have trained him to not grind anymore, but I was still worried.
Then it was my turn. Whew! I only had one small cavity, and an old filling that needed to be fixed. Of course, then there were discussions of other problems. I was told that my wisdom teeth had pushed my others, and I needed braces again. Duh. I could see that, but after 8 years in the braces, there is no way I am going back to that now. Plus, the work would be so minimal. My teeth look straight on the top and only a little crooked on the bottom. Then I was told that my gigantic gummy smile can be fixed, and that "I would look a lot better." Apparently, my jaw mandible sticks out too far and the bone can be shaved down, placed differently and fixed surgically. Oh gee, thanks for those kind words and that interesting description of what they can do. Thanks, but I think I'll pass on plastic surgery. After years of getting used to my gigantic smile, I would feel a little lost without it. It's who I am, and I am perfectly happy with it.
And the wisdom teeth? The two bottom ones are impacted. She offered to take all four out that day. Thanks, but I think I need to schedule this when Tone is home and I don't have two little ones to tend to. Also, she added as a sidenote, she takes them out, but doesn't put people under. She just numbs the area. That ought to be super pleasant. Tone was put to sleep for it. Lucky.
So as I as considering going to someone else who can actually put me to sleep for wisdom teeth removal, they showed me the bill for: deep cleaning, cavity and filling fixed, and teeth removal. It was $269 for everything.
Whoa. We paid WAY more than that for Tone's. So I am seriously considering gutting it out and dealing with being awake, just to save money. Also, I have this crazy fear of what I might say when I'm being put to sleep. I've heard all these stories of what people blurt out, and I just am a little afraid of the deep dark secrets I may share. Hey, maybe with some of the money we save, I can treat myself to a new pair of shoes. That would be totally worth it to me.

Apr 27, 2009

Roberta the doll (AKA Lori)

Remember when I blogged last week about Hunter cutting the clothes off a vintage doll I owned and ruined Ainsley's keepsake dress?
Yes, well this doll used to by my mother's when she was a little girl. She named it Roberta. When I was growing up, I called it Lori. Lori is what Hunter calls the doll. But for the sake of this post, I am going to call her by her original name, because I think the name Roberta makes this post all the more funny.

Well, Hunter and Roberta have become nigh inseperable since the cutting experience. Daddy just smirks and says she's his girlfriend. Since Hunter plays in a very boyish way with this doll, I am not that worried. I'll show you what I mean:
Usually, Hunter and Roberta do not look as tame as they do in this picture below. Usually he has her by the neck dragging her somewhere. Usually she has no clothes on, as Hunter likes to put Ainsley's on her about 3 to 4 times a day. He pretty brutal prying clothes on and off of her stiff limbs. Usually she also has about 10 of Ainsley's hair clippies clipped into her already manical hair.

Hunter invited Roberta to have an ice cream cone. Ahh, how nice.....

But then she got attacked by Elmo, who took it.

She got dry toast instead. Hunter made up for it by reading an "I Spy" book to her.

Now totally fortified with food, it's time for tricks. He showed me how she can stand on her head. How talented Roberta is!

Tricks now being done, it's time to stuff her into the oven, ala Hansel and Gretel style. I hope it's not a gas oven.

He also likes to climb into Ainsley's crib with the doll, and pretend that they are "sleeping". He snores very loudly for about 10 seconds and then they "wake up."

And then they boogie in the crib. I am afraid Ainsley's poor little crib might fall apart. It's already been through my twin nieces, Hunter, and now Ainsley. Hopefully Roberta's boogie style won't be too much for it.

Hunter also likes to take Roberta outside for fun in the fresh air. Again, he is demonstrating different tricks she can do. Did you know she could go down the slide head first with a "tiger" on her her back???? Wow!
She can also lay perfectly on her side without falling over. Impressive.

And Hunter's favorite trick of all...are you ready for this????
ROBERTA CAN DO PUSH UPS! Seriously cool.
After putting up with Hunter everyday, this is one tough doll. I think Roberta would probably do well in the doll army. By the way, Ainsley is not sure what Hunter is doing here, but she is trying to do it too.

I was planning on replacing Roberta's hair with a nice wig and dressing her in Ainsley's keepsake dresses for show. I think I'll wait.

Apr 26, 2009

Our sidewalk is now done and beautiful!

Yes, it's done. In addition to this here, we may carve out a small circle area under half of my kitchen window ( the windows on the right) for a cafe table. We have enough extra rock, sand, and grout. It would just extend the sidewalk out a little in that one section (like attaching a half moon). It's just that my front yard is so much cooler than the back yard. I would only have to relocate a small handful of plants for that. I envision sitting there with my Bible study, sipping tea, while the kids go back and forth through the gate to play.
I think it is beautiful. It's all cemented in with grout that looks like beige sand. Everyday we have been working on it, so many people have stopped their cars to gawk or ask where we got the flagstone, as they were thinking of doing something similar. We oughta just put up a sign! Haha.

Hunter wanted to help. His poor little wagon kept falling apart, so finally, Daddy fixed the handle with a long screw and then jimmy rigged it to his trike so he could pull things in his "trailer." Hunter has been on his trike pulling his treasures for 3 days straight!

We also got ADT this week. I feel a lot more secure with it with Tone gone so much for his job. However, most of the deterent is just the sign itself. Tone said, "Well shoot! I should have just got on ebay and bought a fake sign!" It would have been a LOT cheaper!
Here is Hunter hiding behind the sign. They thought it would be a fun game to play "hide and seek" from the camera. Meaning, they would hide, then I would have to "find" them with the camera and take a picture. Let me tell you, it gave me a good camera "work out" to try and get the focus and speed right! I am finally getting comfortable setting the shutterspeed, focus, and f stop myself, rather than just relying on the auto mode.

I don't know if the bike had a break down, or if they were just stopping to hide "treasures" in the "trunk."

Off they go! Childhood is a magical time don't you think?

Picnic at Church!

So today was the community picnic day at church. After church we had a BBQ, and there was bounce house which Ainsley and Hunter loved!

Ainsley also loved her hula hoop though she didn't know how to use it.

Hunter and Daddy got in on the water balloon toss. They actually managed to get it across about 3 or 4 times before it popped. Since Hunter never catches anything and he flinches, this was a major miracle. I think a couple of times it rolled on impact instead of popping and this helped them out considerably.

Apr 24, 2009

I signed the boy up for kindergarten

Yes, here I am in the picture below with some very important papers in front of me. The kindergarten registration papers which I turned in today. It's official. The boy is going to school next year. By the way, yes, I am wearing a flannel shirt I bought in the little boy's department. Yes, I love it. Please don't ask me why. I actually feel quite sexy in it. Usually I dress it up with earrings, but today, my hair was a mess, I was wearing old jeans and flip flops, and I felt good. Sissy loves me anyways, see? I did put on makeup. A day without makeup is a total loss in my book. I look ill without it. I have a two minute makeup routine that works and I don't leave home without it.

So this picture below is a little overexposed and blurry. Yes, I was working in manual mode on the new camera and didn't have a clue what I was doing. This is the only smile I captured out of her the whole day so this is why I am including it. Hunter was bumping her on the swing and she thought it was hilarious! I am going to have to convince him that costumes are not allowed in kindergarten, as he wears one everyday.

Here is a sampling of some of the faces I got.

Even better.

Must we pout???

She actually was having fun, but ruined it and decided to throw a temper tantrum. She is tired and has a nasty cold. Her little face says it all. I think it's nap time.

The kids caught bad colds this week. I tried to take them on a playdate to the park for some cute shots, but (note to self), children will not cooperate for pictures when they don't feel good. This was the best I got. Right after this shot, another little boy tried to take Hunter's bike. There was a big showdown, Hunter was in tears, and I got a great shot of Sissy glaring at the other little boy because Hunter was crying. He was a very nice little boy and was not mean about it actually, but Hunter was not sharing. We left the park defeated. I never did get the pictures I wanted.

So this what we spent all of Easter weekend doing. I should rephrase that. This is what Tone spent most of Easter weekend doing. I only helped a bit. He was prepping the walkway for the flagstone sidewalk. We had more than enough flagstone, so we cut out the grass and are going all the way to the street sidewalk. The grass used to connect there between the neighbor's yard and ours.

And here is what Tone has done so far with the flagstone. It's a really beautiful color. Dark grey with copper marbling. I just love it. It's taking a bit longer to piece together than I thought. Tone is doing a perfect job though and it will look great once we get the grout in around the stones.

This was my view from my kitchen window tonight. I was lamenting today that we lived in new neighborhood with itty bitty trees. But then I guess views like this would be blocked wouldn't they?

Apr 22, 2009

Costumes- and another snap happy experience!

Sorry for the snap happy double post today. The kids decided to put on costumes after my last post. Um, Hello! I must post and take more pictures!

Emma is pretending to fly like a ballerina! Beautiful!

Hunter is doing his best to look like a tough pirate!

And here comes sweet little Ainsley. She just follows the other two around, feeling very much a part of the whole deal.

At one point she went inside. Yes, I realize my couch is in the background. Yes, I realize it's not a great setup. Yes, I think she's beautiful.

She is starting to get disgruntled with the whole costume thing, and she has ripped off the headband.

And happiness again back in her diaper. The way she prefers to always be. NO CLOTHES!

I'm sorry blog readers. There may be a post everyday this week until I get the fun of a new camera out of my system!

Plus, I'm not really good at all the functions yet after one afternoon. If you actually ARE a photographer....bear with me. It's my first grown up camera.