Apr 9, 2009

The Annual Spring photo shoot in the backyard

Happy Easter! So I got a little crafty lately. I got out my Psysanki eggs that I love to make. They are very time consuming. About an hour or more PER egg. And that's a simple design. But I love to make them. Here are some of my eggs that I have done. I threatened Hunter within his life if he touches them.

So last year I did a photo shoot in March when the daffodils were just coming out. Granted, last year, I barely had any flowers in my brand new yard, but this year I have lots! Also, I really wanted to make my kids Easter outfits. Well, Hunter just got a new tie. He picked out the fabric. Bright isn't it? I really didn'thave much time for making Ainsley a dress though, so I bought a quick pattern on etsy from ManiMina. Yeah, I could have easily figured it out myself, but I was super short on time and I needed a super easy pattern. I found the pattern runs a bit small, so you may want to go a size up, and I changed the sleeves, but otherwise, it was super easy to follow and do. If you want a beginner pattern for those who don't sew but would like to, I recommend this one. It came out a bit short, so I dug out a bloomers pattern from a vintage pattern I had, and put them with it. And of course, it needed a head scarf (my own pattern).
So here they are:

I decided it needed a bird, so I made the stencil, cut it out of fabric, fused it on, and then hand embroidered brown stitching around the edges. And see that label on the edge of the hem? That's mine. I now put it on all of my products I make.

I told you it was a bit short. But it's cute with the bloomers. I checked the weather. It's supposed to be warm on Easter, so we should be fine. But she wore it with a little sweater today too and it was darling as well.

How did I make her stand so still? I am feeding her crackers inbetween shots.

I'm not sure why she is doing the "Oh My!" face.

The dress perfectly matches her tan skin and baby blues. My kids are tanner than I am without even trying - year round! You'd think with their blond hair and baby blues that they wouldn't have such a nice olive color to their skin, but they do!

You can tell she has a cracker in her cheek, but check out those eyes!

And here comes Hunter. He wanted to take pictures, and was really excited, but found it hard to stand still and look at the camera. He picked out the pants (which I would not have picked), and he decided to have his hair spiky for our little photo shoot. Ainsley was into her Winnie the Pooh book and would not put it down for photos.

Awesome tie, no? Well, Hunter thinks so, and now that it's on against a white shirt, I actually rather like it myself.

Monkey see, monkey do. So this was the best pic I got out of the two of them! They were saying "Oh My!" together! They do the darndest things keying off of each other.

And yes, photo shoots always disintegrate into them playing in the fountain. I don't know what it is about water that attracts kids so much.

So my hubby just got the me the most awesome gift! Just because. He got me a really good camera. I mean really good. Well, not the $1000 pricetag, but it's still $600. And he got me lenses, filters, and a book to go with it. It should arrive next week, and I can't wait to get snap happy with it. The above pictures aren't bad, but they are as good as I can get with my point and shoot, and photoshop. I mentioned that I wanted one a while back, but never really thought we would get one. But Tone thought that he would get us one with part of our tax return. Isn't he great????

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  1. Adorable! Love the shocked/Home Alone picture--too cute!! I wish I could spike AIdan's hair like that. :)