Apr 22, 2009

Costumes- and another snap happy experience!

Sorry for the snap happy double post today. The kids decided to put on costumes after my last post. Um, Hello! I must post and take more pictures!

Emma is pretending to fly like a ballerina! Beautiful!

Hunter is doing his best to look like a tough pirate!

And here comes sweet little Ainsley. She just follows the other two around, feeling very much a part of the whole deal.

At one point she went inside. Yes, I realize my couch is in the background. Yes, I realize it's not a great setup. Yes, I think she's beautiful.

She is starting to get disgruntled with the whole costume thing, and she has ripped off the headband.

And happiness again back in her diaper. The way she prefers to always be. NO CLOTHES!

I'm sorry blog readers. There may be a post everyday this week until I get the fun of a new camera out of my system!

Plus, I'm not really good at all the functions yet after one afternoon. If you actually ARE a photographer....bear with me. It's my first grown up camera.