Apr 24, 2009

I signed the boy up for kindergarten

Yes, here I am in the picture below with some very important papers in front of me. The kindergarten registration papers which I turned in today. It's official. The boy is going to school next year. By the way, yes, I am wearing a flannel shirt I bought in the little boy's department. Yes, I love it. Please don't ask me why. I actually feel quite sexy in it. Usually I dress it up with earrings, but today, my hair was a mess, I was wearing old jeans and flip flops, and I felt good. Sissy loves me anyways, see? I did put on makeup. A day without makeup is a total loss in my book. I look ill without it. I have a two minute makeup routine that works and I don't leave home without it.

So this picture below is a little overexposed and blurry. Yes, I was working in manual mode on the new camera and didn't have a clue what I was doing. This is the only smile I captured out of her the whole day so this is why I am including it. Hunter was bumping her on the swing and she thought it was hilarious! I am going to have to convince him that costumes are not allowed in kindergarten, as he wears one everyday.

Here is a sampling of some of the faces I got.

Even better.

Must we pout???

She actually was having fun, but ruined it and decided to throw a temper tantrum. She is tired and has a nasty cold. Her little face says it all. I think it's nap time.

The kids caught bad colds this week. I tried to take them on a playdate to the park for some cute shots, but (note to self), children will not cooperate for pictures when they don't feel good. This was the best I got. Right after this shot, another little boy tried to take Hunter's bike. There was a big showdown, Hunter was in tears, and I got a great shot of Sissy glaring at the other little boy because Hunter was crying. He was a very nice little boy and was not mean about it actually, but Hunter was not sharing. We left the park defeated. I never did get the pictures I wanted.

So this what we spent all of Easter weekend doing. I should rephrase that. This is what Tone spent most of Easter weekend doing. I only helped a bit. He was prepping the walkway for the flagstone sidewalk. We had more than enough flagstone, so we cut out the grass and are going all the way to the street sidewalk. The grass used to connect there between the neighbor's yard and ours.

And here is what Tone has done so far with the flagstone. It's a really beautiful color. Dark grey with copper marbling. I just love it. It's taking a bit longer to piece together than I thought. Tone is doing a perfect job though and it will look great once we get the grout in around the stones.

This was my view from my kitchen window tonight. I was lamenting today that we lived in new neighborhood with itty bitty trees. But then I guess views like this would be blocked wouldn't they?

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