Apr 16, 2009

It's Spring and CHANGE is in the air!

Happy Spring! My neighbor is from Hawaii and she is doing some of her first gardening in the Fresno weather. She said that at first she thought our tulips looked fake because they looked so pristine sticking up out of my violets. Nope! They're real! It just signals the start of good weather and Spring!
Boy do we feel it around here. We are knee deep in projects and plans. Come on in and I'll show what we are planning and working on.

I need new wreath for my front door. The old is looks droopy and sad. The newly planted flowers in contrast look good!

Hunter and Ainsley had a good Easter egg hunt. Look at the smiles on those faces!

They couldn't wait to chomp into their chocolate bunnies!

After church and the egg hunt it was off to the yard to do some prep work for the rock, bark and flagstone we are laying. Tone had to dig up and move a sprinkler head out of the way. Ainsley and Hunter got new trowels in their baskets, and they are doing their best to help.

Here is the finished, prepped dirt. We are laying a flagstone walkway down this side of our lawn. It will be wide enough at the corner of the house for a small cafe table and chairs. You could see in the above picture of our front door, we do not have much of a front porch, so I am excited about this. Our front yard is considerably cooler in the summer than our back.

We also shoveled out two yards of bark to keep down the weeds around our flowers. These beds are newly planted and small, but by midsummer, they will be overflowing!

Where there is a will, there is a way....my Jasmine is blooming, and more miraculously, my artichoke bush has artichokes on it! We were warned they might not grow in Fresno. We have been waiting a year for these tasty bad boys. A plant could never have been so pampered! Can
you see one sticking up back there? Should be ready in a couple of days.

It also takes a year or so for Clematis to establish. Look at the blooms THIS year! Pretty vibrant aren't they?

My baby honeysuckle bushes I planted last Spring have this month finally reached the top of the trellis Tone built me. It's about ready to bloom. I just love the smell and can't wait!

I have about 20 rose bushes. Every one is covered in buds and I have been almost manical attacking the aphids on them. But my first bush finally has bright red blooms. My Don Juan climber roses. And below them, the iris plants I rescued from my grandparent's house last fall are ready to bloom big purple flowers. My grandma planted those years ago. She is gone now, but I love have something from her garden in my own.

Now these aren't new, but since it is Spring it was time to go through my closet. I rediscovered some new favorite shoes. It's almost like going shopping all over again! I seriously wore these wedges to the park today. Practical? No. But who cares!?
OK, here's a biggie. I chopped my hair even more. I promise, this is as short as I am going. I waited until after Thailand so I could get it into a ponytail while I was there, but now that I am back, it had to be fixed. My sister came over last night and we traded haircuts. We both had botched hair cuts that needed fixing and so we went to town. My cut had too many layers. It had a short layer on top which graduated to a long fringe around the bottom. I had wanted a short cut for summer, but a MULLET was not what I had in mind. I had been carefully styling my hair for weeks so it wouldn't show. It was a good cut if the longer layer could be cut off. I don't know what it is about my hair that screams, "Please! Cut me into a mullet!" , but this is the third hairdresser who has done this to me and I've had to go home and fix it. I think I just have so much and it's curly, that nobody ever knows quite what to do with all of it. They just think, "More Layers!" apparently. Whew! Thank goodness for sisters who aren't afraid to tackle hair. Her's turned out great too, by the way, if I do say so myself.

And here I am in my living room with the stark white walls. Call me lazy, but the ceilings are TAAALLLL, and I just don't have the energy to do them all. Plus, I think the walls might feel like they are closing in. So I am just going to do the slanted wall on each side of the bookshelves, which means around the fireplace and sliding glass door. I am also going to wall paper the back of the bookshelf. By the way, Tone made that built in bookshelf, and cupboards on the bottom. It was just an empty hole when we moved in. It looks great, but if the person who buys the house after we live here decides otherwise and wants to get it out...it ain't coming. They will have to get it out with a sledgehammer. That thing was such a pain for us to do. The space wasn't exactly square. Those pieces of wood are wedged in there so tight!

So here is the color I picked out. It's called Bran Muffin at Lowes. I hope staring at the walls doesn't make me hungry everyday. It's the second from the top with writing on the square. It's a little more golden and darker than this picture shows.

Here is one room I accomplished last year and is, DUH-UN, done! Yay! I am happy that there is at least one! Under the clocks with Airport codes is vintage airline maps and paraphernalia. Vintage looking travel postcards are framed over the piano. The drums are on the left hand side of this picture, and we have another rocker and another bookshelf (also filled with books) on the other side of the couch. We call it the "book and music" room. It's also a nice shade of green which I love. We were going to get rid of the futon when we moved in (it's just so "college" ya know?), but we needed a comfy place to sit and read in this room...so we left it.

I'll post pictures of the flagstone after it goes in this weekend, and I will also post pictures of our next project: replacing all the carpet in the dining room with laminate flooring (I'm thinking a medium wood tone with wide planks).

What are you doing? Happy Spring Planning!

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  1. Good grief Jenny! I was proud of myself for cleaning out a few closets. Good for you!