Apr 22, 2009

New Camera....I can't contain the snap-happy excitement!

Our new camera was delivered today. I have waited 2 long weeks for this bad boy. My Canon Rebel iXS. An entry level camera.
They say entry level, but let me tell you the quality of my pictures has gone up about 1000 times and that's no joke. I'll have a much prettier blog now.
So I kinda went snap happy. While the battery was charging, I watched a video we bought on how to work all the functions. Then I went out in the back yard where the kids were swimming in the kiddie pool and eating popsicles and went completely snap happy. This was a straight out of the camera shot. One of my first. Just on manuel mode, point and shoot. Yes, our patio is a mess because we are working on landscaping right now and it seems to be the dumping ground.

But then I got better and tried some things.
My pretty baby in front of my flowers. She was playing in the pool in her diaper.

Hunter's best friend and next door neighbor, Emma, was over. Isn't she a DOLL! Look at those natural curls. I can get some gorgeous photos from her!

So here's my buddy boy, stained a little blue from his popsicle.
They love each other so much!

Those blue eyes with purple popsicle drool!
Fun in the sun!
I took some flower pictures because you can never go wrong with those. Right? So I'll leave you with a collection from my yard.
My grandma's irises are finally blooming! Lovely! Since I dug the tubers up in the fall, I had no idea that I actually have a couple of different varieties.
I would share more, but I hear the kids calling. Just another chance to take more snapshots!

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