Apr 26, 2009

Our sidewalk is now done and beautiful!

Yes, it's done. In addition to this here, we may carve out a small circle area under half of my kitchen window ( the windows on the right) for a cafe table. We have enough extra rock, sand, and grout. It would just extend the sidewalk out a little in that one section (like attaching a half moon). It's just that my front yard is so much cooler than the back yard. I would only have to relocate a small handful of plants for that. I envision sitting there with my Bible study, sipping tea, while the kids go back and forth through the gate to play.
I think it is beautiful. It's all cemented in with grout that looks like beige sand. Everyday we have been working on it, so many people have stopped their cars to gawk or ask where we got the flagstone, as they were thinking of doing something similar. We oughta just put up a sign! Haha.

Hunter wanted to help. His poor little wagon kept falling apart, so finally, Daddy fixed the handle with a long screw and then jimmy rigged it to his trike so he could pull things in his "trailer." Hunter has been on his trike pulling his treasures for 3 days straight!

We also got ADT this week. I feel a lot more secure with it with Tone gone so much for his job. However, most of the deterent is just the sign itself. Tone said, "Well shoot! I should have just got on ebay and bought a fake sign!" It would have been a LOT cheaper!
Here is Hunter hiding behind the sign. They thought it would be a fun game to play "hide and seek" from the camera. Meaning, they would hide, then I would have to "find" them with the camera and take a picture. Let me tell you, it gave me a good camera "work out" to try and get the focus and speed right! I am finally getting comfortable setting the shutterspeed, focus, and f stop myself, rather than just relying on the auto mode.

I don't know if the bike had a break down, or if they were just stopping to hide "treasures" in the "trunk."

Off they go! Childhood is a magical time don't you think?

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