Apr 27, 2009

Roberta the doll (AKA Lori)

Remember when I blogged last week about Hunter cutting the clothes off a vintage doll I owned and ruined Ainsley's keepsake dress?
Yes, well this doll used to by my mother's when she was a little girl. She named it Roberta. When I was growing up, I called it Lori. Lori is what Hunter calls the doll. But for the sake of this post, I am going to call her by her original name, because I think the name Roberta makes this post all the more funny.

Well, Hunter and Roberta have become nigh inseperable since the cutting experience. Daddy just smirks and says she's his girlfriend. Since Hunter plays in a very boyish way with this doll, I am not that worried. I'll show you what I mean:
Usually, Hunter and Roberta do not look as tame as they do in this picture below. Usually he has her by the neck dragging her somewhere. Usually she has no clothes on, as Hunter likes to put Ainsley's on her about 3 to 4 times a day. He pretty brutal prying clothes on and off of her stiff limbs. Usually she also has about 10 of Ainsley's hair clippies clipped into her already manical hair.

Hunter invited Roberta to have an ice cream cone. Ahh, how nice.....

But then she got attacked by Elmo, who took it.

She got dry toast instead. Hunter made up for it by reading an "I Spy" book to her.

Now totally fortified with food, it's time for tricks. He showed me how she can stand on her head. How talented Roberta is!

Tricks now being done, it's time to stuff her into the oven, ala Hansel and Gretel style. I hope it's not a gas oven.

He also likes to climb into Ainsley's crib with the doll, and pretend that they are "sleeping". He snores very loudly for about 10 seconds and then they "wake up."

And then they boogie in the crib. I am afraid Ainsley's poor little crib might fall apart. It's already been through my twin nieces, Hunter, and now Ainsley. Hopefully Roberta's boogie style won't be too much for it.

Hunter also likes to take Roberta outside for fun in the fresh air. Again, he is demonstrating different tricks she can do. Did you know she could go down the slide head first with a "tiger" on her her back???? Wow!
She can also lay perfectly on her side without falling over. Impressive.

And Hunter's favorite trick of all...are you ready for this????
ROBERTA CAN DO PUSH UPS! Seriously cool.
After putting up with Hunter everyday, this is one tough doll. I think Roberta would probably do well in the doll army. By the way, Ainsley is not sure what Hunter is doing here, but she is trying to do it too.

I was planning on replacing Roberta's hair with a nice wig and dressing her in Ainsley's keepsake dresses for show. I think I'll wait.

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