May 1, 2009

Ainsley's first photo shoot

I took Ainsley out for a photoshoot. My first one with the camera. I wanted some pictures for her second birthday coming up. I made a tutu and hairbow and dressed her up. We drove about a mile away, found a backroad with an orchard where I liked the trees (these are olive), snuck into the first row, and set up. I seriously snapped over 200 photos, just to get these gems. It took quite a while to edit my favorites in photshop and discard the rest. Hunter would not get in the photos. He was only willing to come if I would let him wear his tiger suit and take a few pictures of him acting like a tiger. I obliged, because I needed him happy and distracting sissy. The rest of the time he stayed close and played with sticks and olive pits.

So....How do you think I did? I actually was nervous for this photoshoot. I have no idea why. I just really wanted these pictures to turn out. I am just so new with this camera, and I had a vision of how I wanted them to look, and not sure if I could achieve it at all. I wasn't sure if I really got anything good afterwards. I snapping fast and working fast, because Sissy is a tough subject. I was manually setting up all of my pictures, rather than having the camera do the work for me in automatic. I think I got better pictures this way. But it was a lot of work. I "threw away" about half of the pictures I took when I got home. Then I ran them all through photoshop which took a long time. With the 100 I had left that I thought were decent, I came up with 25 or so that I thought were the best. Sorry for the long post, but I'm going to post those here to share with you. What do you think? How am I doing on my first trial run?

I just love her expression in this one. It's so sleepy and calm.

Throughout the whole session, I gave her a sucker and crackers and Smarties and Skittles. Just to make her sit or stand in one spot without running around. It worked. Serious sugar overload, but I think it was worth it.

Hunter is making her laugh.

I think this picture of her grinning in the chair might just be my favorite. The picture isn't great though because a stripe of sunlight is in the background, cutting the picture in half.

I'm such a big girl now!

I thought I'd desaturate a photo and achieve something a little more ethereal.
Such a goofy face. I took the sucker stick she was playing with to make her look up.

Who me?

I love this one of her lounging and grinning in the chair. It looks as if she is waiting to be waited on.
Too bad the white chair is in this picture. I got her down off the chair, and she made this face. I had to snap the picture, but it wasn't a great set-up.

Hunter thought a good pose would be looking through the leaves. I obliged him, and it isn't half bad actually. Yes, I also drew whiskers on him before we left. It made his day. He said he looked "just like a tiger with these cool whiskers on."

Can you find the tiger? He loved popping out and "scaring" the camera!

These trees just photograph so great. I was focusing the camera on them, not Hunter, so he's a little blury.
This is one of those times when you wish you had two cameras going so you could get the same shot from the front as well. She is sticking her tongue out at Hunter and being silly.

Ooo, she is making quite the stink face!

She is eating Skittles and you can see her mouth is stuffed.
Pesky branch keeps hitting her hairbow.
This shot isn't half bad if it weren't for the little branch dangling down.
So that's it. All 26 of the pictures I think are OK out of the 250 I took. *sigh*. I don't think I am on my way to becoming very good at this anytime soon.

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