May 19, 2009

Being's a must!

So as many of my readers know, the new lead law on children's product is really going to affect me come winter. So MANY of you have asked me about it. As of yet, no changes have been made, and I am able to sell right now only because a one year stay was effected. Also, making custom shoes takes a toll on me. There is pressure and stress to make sure I get the orders out on time. Therefore, this month, I have been working on a whole new shop idea. While I don't want to seem coy, I know that there are some big time copycats out there. I prefer to not give details at this time, and rather wait until I get the new shop up and running. Hopefully within the next two months. I am hoping it will do as well as this one and will be going by the time the new lead law is enforced. I think I have found a pretty good niche, and it would free me up from custom items. I am pretty excited about this new item I have made. But hey! Who knows? All I can do is try, right?

Just as a disclaimer: There is absolutely NO lead in any of my products as all my supplies have been thoroughly checked out with the suppliers. It won't matter however when the new law goes into affect.

My current shop IS doing well. I really don't want to give it up actually. I have been featured on the esty front page quite a few times now, and I am always in their gift guides. I receive wholesale requests from around the world every single day. As well as requests from others who want to know my "secrets". No, I am not doing wholesale. And no, I am not going to give out my patterns, supply info, etc. I just can't figure out why people think I will tell them that!!! Also, I am selling quite a bit without even relisting the items. That means people are coming to my shop because they know about me, not because they happened to see me in an etsy search. I am definately building a fan base. I am proud of my little shop. I have put much sweat, blood, tears, long hours, much research, and energy into it.

In addition to the new shop mentioned up above, I am also possibly going to open a pattern shop on etsy where you can buy patterns and a tutorial on how to sew them. However, it will not contain my shoe patterns. Rather it will be patterns for other things I have developed but decided for many reasons, not to put in my store. As of right now though, I only have one completely put together. If only I had more hours in my day!!!!!

Finding balance has been a big struggle for me since Christmas. Most nights I am up until 1am sewing and working, and then I sleep in. It's a struggle to balance being a good mommy, a loving and giving wife, keep the house up, and run a successful shop. Some nights I look at a pile of shoes waiting to be sewn, and finding the drive to do it is pretty tough. You have to love to create, and also just have a huge drive to do a home business.
I have found though, that I have an insatiable NEED to create. I cannot stop it. My brain often keeps me awake at night with all the lovely, beautiful ideas that I would love to be able to do in my nonexistent free time. While my shop is a fun outlet, I really think the new shop is even more fun. Really, I get so excited thinking of all the possibilities for it!

I would also love to get back to drawing and painting (just for myself). I have clothes cut out but not sewn for myself that I would love to finish. Scrapbooks still undone. I have rooms to paint, shelves to rearrange, and my brain is just bursting with ideas all the time. I have been loving playing with photos lately and photography. Just another creative outlet. My flower garden is another beautiful thing that I love to work in almost everyday. It's relaxing. There just aren't enough hours in the day for all that I want to do!!!! Really though, I must do something creative (even if it's somewhat small) everyday just stay sane and excited about life. I really believe God built this into me as part of my makeup.

More to come........

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