May 7, 2009

Food oddities

If you have been in our house for at least 5 minutes, you will know that Hunter has serious issues with food. Every night there is a struggle to get him to eat dinner. He picks at meat, can't handle any textures, spices, seasonings, little perceived spots of whose knows what that isn't really there, colors, strong smells or tastes, etc.
Anyhow, even getting him to eat the most basic of foods is sometimes really hard. However, I have hit upon two things that are healthy that Hunter will eat. Actually devour and ask for more. The odd thing is......all other children HATE these two things. So while my son won't eat french fries, he will eat.......ready for this? PUREED PRUNES, and ARTICHOKES. Seriously. He loves baby food still because of the easy texture. I had him eating baby food through three years old simply because it was the only way to get veggies down him. One time he wanted a taste of Ainsley's prunes. She was getting them because, well, the girl was a bit constipated. While she wasn't a fan, Hunter was. The rest was history. He begs for them every time we go shopping. He calls them "crunes." He eats it like it's chocolate pudding. But he hates the whole prunes like every other child in history.

And Artichokes. He discovered them this summer. Daddy and I love them and eat them all the time. Daddy dips them in melted butter, and I dip it in mayo. Call me gross, but I grew up that way and think it's great. Hunter decided he loves artichokes in mayo too after sampling one of mine. Last night he devoured a whole one by himself. He draws the line at the heart, but Ainsley loves that part, so it works out. He loves dipping it and scraping the leaf with his teeth. Don't most children hate that? Seriously, I can't get him to eat much of anything, but he'll eat a whole artichoke. My son is a strange animal.

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  1. How funny! Do you just eat artichokes raw? I've never actually had one, so I wouldn't know either way. :P