May 15, 2009

Roly Polies and Sweet Peas

So every evening right before dusk, the kids and I have been playing outside. We have sort of fallen into the habit of it the last couple of weeks now that the weather is warm. The evening temperature is perfect, and everything has a soft golden glow to it. We play on the backyard swings, ride bikes on the front sidewalk, or make up games. Both of them love the extra attention right before I bring them in and do the bedtime routine of dinner, bath, teeth, books, and bed.

This is Ainsley's favorite place to hang out. Right in the nook between my legs. It's a good, safe spot you know.

Roly Polies are also fascinating. Did you know that? We spent a long time this evening looking for them and letting them tickle our hands when we did. Ainsley loves to put her own shoes on, exclaiming, "I did it!" when she gets them on. Unfortunately, it's most often the wrong foot as you can see. These are squeaky shoes which squeak when you step. She loves to stomp, stomp, stomp down the sidewalk.

I wish you could smell these beauties as well as see them.

Our sweet pea vines are loaded with pea pods. Ainsley and Hunter think that they make delightful snacks as they play outside. As they walk by, they yank one off to munch on. Ainsley usually has her mouth crammed with a pea pod. She loves them.
Yum! Yum!

Hunter is in his jammies in this picture, enjoying a brief moment outside before he has to go in and get in bed.

The kids never want to go in, but as soon as Ainsley starts rubbing her eyes, and putting her thumb in her mouth, we go in. She finds her "nanny" (blankey), and soon both kids are off in dreamland.

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