May 8, 2009

Spring is turning into summer around here. The weather has been slowly warming up and as it does so, the kids are wearing summer clothes, and the kiddie pool has been set up a permanent feature in our back yard.

Yes, that is two slides going down into the pool. Both plastic slides have been dragged to the edge of the pool and put in. It's our red neck version of a water park.

Relaxing in the shade with a summer staple......popsicles! The cheap ones at Walmart actually have the best flavors. The kids don't get to touch the white ones. They are coconut flavored and all mine. Almost like having a frozen pina colada (uh, unspiked of course).

I caught some lense flare on this picture. She did this excited look and I had to snap the picture. I hadn't really set up the shot, but of course, who really does get to set up a shot with kids? You go with what you get. They never make these faces when you have the camera set and ready.

She looks like she has a little secret, but the secret is that she is nibbling on candy.

My Hope rose bush is blooming with beautiful white roses. Sometimes so heavy it bows the branch down.

Why buy flowers, when you have all of these beauties blooming in your yard. I always try to have fresh flowers on my table and relish spring when I can stop buying them and gather from my flower gardens.

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