May 15, 2009


Yes, if you haven't figured it out by now from reading my blog, Hunter has a super fixation with costumes right now. He wears one everyday. From pirates to superheros, Hunter loves to role play. So I saw these Superman jammies, and had to get it for him. It even had a cape that attached with velcro!

As soon as he put it on, he went straight to the mirror to check it out. This one of him flexing just cracks me up! I am so glad I had the camera handy to snap the pic from the side while he checked himself out in it.

Then he wanted to demonstrate for he some of his new poses as Superman.

Then it was a trip outside to play in it. He first had to check the knot hole in the fence to see if his pal, Emma was out. He wanted to show her. She wasn't. He thought maybe if he threw a handful of rocks over the fence it might get her attention and make her come out. I had to stop him before got them over. Isn't this what teenage boys do, except it rocks at the window at night? It starts young I guess.....

Since she wasn't out, he had to make do with Ainsley and his trike. Here he is. He told me his "cape was flying in the wind behind me Mommy I am going so fast!" Poor Ainsley was trying so hard to keep up on her little push bike. Look at her valient effort in the background. She never got far. What a crack up.

Hunter then decided to play a game called running as fast as he can and jumping onto his soccer ball. It would squish out from under his feet and he would fall flat on the ground. I told him he would get hurt. He told me, "Superheros never get hurt Mommy!"
Hmmmm, well, good luck with that then.

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