May 22, 2009

What is summer without the kiddie pool???

The summer weather has hit us here in Fresno. That means the kiddie pool and sprinkler has become a permanent feature on our lawn. We just move it around every couple of days and refill it so it doesn't kill the grass or the water get too yucky.

Hunter thinks this sprinkler toy is the greatest! He also got in trouble because he was directing the shooting water at anyone who came close. Including me holding the new camera! He also thought the hose would be great to use as a rope and tied some of his trikes and wagon up with it, and completely drenched some towels. That boy is trouble and has too many ideas to be left with a sprinkler unattended.

He's aiming for somebody!

He loves to run as fast as he can through the shooting jets.

We put the hose down the plastic slide and the kids go hurtling down it into the kiddie pool. I'm surprised a tail bone hasn't been broken yet. Even Ainsley has no fear of it and climbs up the slide backwards and goes flying down the thing on her belly. There is the tall red slide and the short blue slide. Pick your poison. Most of the time they pick the fast, tall red slide. Of course.

He's smiling here. If I came off the thing like he just did, I would be grimacing.

They play until the sun starts to go down. In fact, our favorite time to play outside is for about an hour as the sun is setting . It's shaded and cool on that side of the yard then.

Maybe a little too cool. Ainsley has stripped off her swimsuit by now (this is typical), and is shivering and shaking. I still had a hard time convincing her it was time to get out though. I had to bribe her with the word, "dinner".

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  1. Your comments on how Hunter is always coming up with crazy things to do reminds me of you (in a way)! One of your other posts recently talked about your need to be creative every day - I'm guessing all of these things Hunter tries are his way of "being creative". Hopefully he can find a good outlet for that creativity as he grows up! :)