Jun 16, 2009

How fun is this?

Sorry for the triple post today....but really, if you want an uplifting smile, this is worth watching. Do Re Mi! I hope you like the Sound of Music! What an amazing stunt!

Tea parties at home

I bought Ainsley the cutest little metal tea set from Target for her birthday. The tea set came in a sweet little picnic basket. It came with a teapot, cups, saucers, plates, and a tablecloth with 4 gingham napkins. At $15 I felt it was a steal! I also bought her a little white high chair for her dollies. The two kids have been loving having tea time with the dollies. Hunter too. I think boys can play with the "house" items. Hunter plays with Ainsley's all the time! They call it playing "Mommy, Daddy."Dolly gets tea and a cookie, artfully arranged by Ainsley.
Setting up tea with cake and donuts too! I would like to be invited to this tea party!
They are both still in their sleeper jammies while they play in the morning. Footy pajamas are just the cutest on kids!

Happy 2nd Birthday Ainsley!

So Ainsley turned 2 on the 5th of June. Where has the time gone? Now I have no little baby toddling around the house, but a two year old running and yelling, and doing whatever she can to keep up with her older brother. Here is a picture of her on her birthday right before I loaded her into the car to have a family lunch at Chucky Cheese. I think she is getting to be so beautiful.
I made her an Elmo cake. Here it is right before we put candles on it and cut into it. She was in LOVE with this cake.
As you can see, she loved it, and did not hold back. She made more of a mess this year than she did with her first birthday cake!
Happy birthday princess! We love you big girl!

Jun 12, 2009

The Water Park

Every Monday and Thursday during the summer, you can find us down at the water park to beat the heat. Today was no exception.
I just love the way she is laughing up at her Daddy don't you?
This slide was great fun!

The following picture was out of focus, but some photo editing salvaged it and made that look purposeful. I just liked her giggle as Daddy spun her around.
And here is Mommy and Sissy under the umbrellas. In typical fashion, Ainsley has a runny nose and her mouth stuffed with food.

Jun 2, 2009

Already burning a hole in the pocket.....

So we thought it was time for Hunter to start getting a small allowance. After much discussion about the things that needed to be done around here, we decided that if Hunter could have a clean room when I put him to bed at night, then he would earn himself a quarter. There are two reasons for this: One, I am trying to teach him the value of carefully saving and spending money as I hear requests for things all the time when we walk into stores, and birthdays just seem a loooong ways away for little guy. And two, getting him to clean his room is a fight every single day. He hates putting things back after playing with them. I figure now he can save up for his own HotWheels Cars. We told him 4 nights is a car (worth one dollar). Yes, it's not much, but really, what does a four year old need to be spending money on? Hunter thinks we just handed him the moon! He was not so thrilled when I explained he also would need to give one to church when he gets 10. But when I explained it was for Jesus, to be used for other people Jesus loves, he was OK with that. He is very aware that everything we have is from God and because God loves us and gave it to us.

So today he decorated a jar that said, "Hunter's Money" on it. He has been talking of nothing but his quarter and what he was going to spend his money on since I informed him of our new plan last night. He dreamed about it all night, and woke up speaking of it. He kept his room very neat all day, and changed his mind about a dozen times about how he was going to spend it. You see, if he wants a new Monster truck, he will have to save for about 2-3 weeks, and if he wants a new small Lego set, he will have to save for a whole month. I am highly doubtful that he will ever be able to save it and will acquire mostly HotWheel Cars. At one point tonight, he got discouraged and decided he didn't want to clean and said he didn't want the quarter. Being a smart Mommy, I knew he REALLY did, and so encouraged him to finish. While the clothes in his drawers aren't perfect and things aren't put away exactly the way I would do it, he did do a pretty darn good job for once. I gave him the quarter. He put it in and out of his jar several times. He put the jar next to his bed and turned it so he could look at it. He got out of bed to take a picture of it. He told me all the ways he wants to spend it (it changes every five seconds). He is currently in bed while I write this. I know he's still thinking about it because every now and then I hear a "plink" as he drops it back in the jar again. It's already burning a hole in the pocket.......