Jun 16, 2009

Tea parties at home

I bought Ainsley the cutest little metal tea set from Target for her birthday. The tea set came in a sweet little picnic basket. It came with a teapot, cups, saucers, plates, and a tablecloth with 4 gingham napkins. At $15 I felt it was a steal! I also bought her a little white high chair for her dollies. The two kids have been loving having tea time with the dollies. Hunter too. I think boys can play with the "house" items. Hunter plays with Ainsley's all the time! They call it playing "Mommy, Daddy."Dolly gets tea and a cookie, artfully arranged by Ainsley.
Setting up tea with cake and donuts too! I would like to be invited to this tea party!
They are both still in their sleeper jammies while they play in the morning. Footy pajamas are just the cutest on kids!

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