Jul 8, 2009

Completely busy!

It has been a busy three weeks! We first started out with visting Salinas (three hours away) because my brother and wife were in town. They live outside Washington DC and so we were so excited to spend time with them. We went to the beach and hung out at the house playing hours of competitive Wii. My kids really love their Uncle Josh and Auntie Christin!

Hunter wanted to play the penguin slide game on the Wii board so badly that I let him stand on my feet to play. He laughed so hard that he ended up emptying his whole bladder on my feet and the board. The game was postponed for some serious cleanup. Gross!

Then we rushed back home for Father's Day weekend as friends were staying at our house. The guys ripped out all the flooring in our entryway, dining, and great room and replaced it with tile and laminate, while the girls tried to find things to do for two ladies and four preschoolers that wasn't in the main area of the house. It was pretty crazy around here. We did take them to the mall to play in the fountains. That was one of my better ideas and they loved it.

The floors weren't even done when I flew out for a couple weeks to go on a motorhome trip with my in-laws. They take the grandkids every year, and I go too. Three adults, and five children in a motorhome for two weeks. We went to The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Louis and Clark Caverns in Montana, back to Yellowstone, Wild Bill Hickock area in Wyoming, and the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Lots of driving, but lots of cool things to see and great memories. Here's the whole gang, except for Sissy who is sleeping in the motorhome.

Sissy is enjoying looking at the Grand Tetons. They were amazingly beautiful!

The kids are having a great time checking out a ground squirrel hole in the prairie region below the Grand Tetons.
The great thing about Yellowstone is the opportunity for amazing photos like this one. I took so many, but I'll only bore you with this one. I thinks it's my favorite. This hot water spring/pool was just such an amazing color of bright blue with florescent yellows and oranges surrounding the edges. We watched tons of geyers, odd springs, things bubbling up, and fumes everywhere. What a strange place it was. Hunter just loved it. He hates to walk, but he got so into the whole thing, that he walked and ran to all the different sites for hours.

In Montana, the teeny little town we were staying in was hosting the Budweiser Clydesdales. We watched them parade around town the whole afternoon while we ate and played in the grass under shade trees.

Off to Cody, Wyoming where the kids toured an old frontier town. The buildings were all authentic and once homes to characters such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and their Hole in the Wall Gang.
Then off to the Rockies where we drove the highest road in the United States. Over 12.000 feet! Up in the tundra region it was freezing, windy, and there was still snow on the ground, but drop a few hundred feet, and this is what you see grazing on the side of the road.

However, even in the cold tundra region, wildflowers were growing. The mountains around offered up spectacular views.

And then we were home. We flew out of Denver back to home, new floors, mountains of laundry, and the regular routine of life.

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