Jul 10, 2009

An Engagement Party

So the invites were sent...my cousin, Cassie, and her fiance', Kevin are getting married in a month! Tonight I went to her engagement party. Here's a picture of the invites I made. It's the middle of summer and just right for an egagement party, held in the beautiful backyard they are getting married in. BBQ hamburgers, chips and dip, and homemade ice cream. Yum! Here is the cute couple! Don't let the appearance of young age fool you. They are both graduated civil engineers from Fresno State and a sweet and fun couple. Cassie wore a bright red dress. Va Va Voom!

My step brother is getting married in two days (it must be wedding weekend in our family), so my parents weren't there, but all the sisters were. Standing next to these two beauties (Katie and Krista) makes me feel both short and a little inadequate. Knockouts aren't they? Boy do we enjoy being with each other. Hunter decided just before we left that since it was a party, he should dress up too. He came out with a new button up shirt (usually reserved for Sundays) buttoned up all crooked, and holding his bow tie for me to put on. How could I resist? I obliged him, and he was so proud of how handsome he looked. He even wanted to wear his hat I made him. He loves his hat!
Good eats! Krista and Brad (Katie's boyfriend) chow down!
Ainsley got a huge splinter during the middle of the whole thing from a wooden bench. Four of us had to hold her down while Brad pried it out of her palm. She screamed bloody murder and thrashed during the whole thing. We felt terrible, but it was huge and we couldn't leave it in there. Especially since it was redwood, and those get really infected and make your skin puff up. As soon as it was out though, it was forgotten. Between sniffs, she said, "Kank you Mama for fixing my hand." Aww, way to make a mom feel so guilty for holding her down. She played happily for the rest of the time and even forgave Brad and he became her knew favorite person. She was willing to show anyone who asked her new owie.
She was in love with the Cheetos, and had a ring of orange around her mouth most of the evening.
He was jumping on the trampoline getting sweaty most of the night and about half way through, lost his hat.
Cassie has horses. They spent a good deal of time peeking over the fence to watch all the action.
Latern lights were strung over the table, and strings of twinkle lights were strung merrily around the edges of the lawn/patio.

Congrats Cassie and Kevin! We sure had fun tonight!

Next blog entry: My step brother, Paul's, wedding!

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