Jul 19, 2009

I heart Faces photo contest - FEET!

So the photo contest this week at I heart Faces is FEET. Yep, not a face. While this is quite possibly not the best "foot" photo I have ever taken (after all, I sew baby shoes for my home business), it IS my favorite. My daughter, Ainsley, is sitting in the crook of my feet on the sidewalk. I looked down and snapped the picture. She was afraid of her brother riding the bike up and down the sidewalk, and felt this was the best place to watch. Safe and secure between my legs she was very content. It's possible I shouldn't enter my favorite photos for sentimental reasons in photo contests, but rather the ones that are photographically better. But, pictures are taken to "speak" a moment in time, so I chose this one.

You can see more feet pictures (and of course many faces) here at I heart Faces:



  1. Oh I love that your photo has both adult feet and little feet! Great job!

  2. Beautiful picture! Especially with the story behind it. Ainsley is a reminder to me of what abiding in the Shadow of the Almighty looks like...the perfect place for peace and security.

  3. If I were choosing the winner, this would be it! Nice work!