Jul 19, 2009

Paul and Lisa's Wedding

I went to my step brother, Paul's, wedding last weekend. It was one of the cutest weddings I have been to in a while. My step dad officiated and Paul and Lisa are such a sweet and cute couple and there were so many personal touches through the whole wedding. While everyone else was busy snapping pictures of the bride coming up the aisle, I turned around and snapped one of the groom. Really, I like watching the groom more. They are so expressive as they watch the bride walking up the aisle toward them. I always have ever since my own wedding and watching Tone's face light up as I walked toward him. Look how happy Paul looks here.
Since it was outdoors, the music was simple. In fact is was all done with a water harp. When I first read that in the bulletin, I thought, "Gee, they have got to be kidding!" I had never heard one before, and had chalked it up to a bar trick some people do with glasses. But no, this was super cool, and this guy was awesome! He made the most beautiful music for the wedding. So great, I had to snap a picture!
The setting was gorgeous with the red and white color theme under the gazebo.
Lovely, isn't it? A rather smallish wedding, we all sat down below and watched.
Just a darling couple.
Here they come down the aisle. The new Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pate!
First dance was to a live band. In fact, they met while playing in this band, so it was pretty personal. Paul and Lisa are both musicians for a living, so of course the music was live.

And then they JOINED the band playing, "At Last." Have you ever seen that at a wedding?????
Next, as a surprise, Paul serenaded Lisa, by singing and playing the Sax for her.
I really thought this cake was quite lovely. They even had a little cake for grandpa who turned 81 that day. How cute!
We all had a great time. Here is the step families all together. Parents and happy new couple in the middle. Left to right:
Step sis, Sarah; Me; Mom; step dad, Rick; Lisa and Paul; sister, Krista; sister, Katie

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