Jul 19, 2009

"Insta" Curtains

So I've had a lot of people ask me recently about curtains. Well, here are couple of easy curtain ideas. The first idea is not pictured here, but it does save money. For tall, long curtains, buy bed sheets or a comforter. Snip it down the middle, hem, and hang with hooks from a curtain rod. It saves a lot of money on fabric because those long curtains take up a LOT of fabric!
The second idea is pictured below. Napkins! Seriously. These aren't even sewn. Just folded artfully, flipped over the rod and safety pinned in place. Even the rope and tassle are just safety pinned on the other side. These are currently hanging in my kitchen and have been there for two years. But considering I bought the napkins for $2 each, if I one day decide that I am done with Americana decor, I will not feel so guilty about changing the napkins out for new ones.

So there you go. Now if anyone else asks me about curtains, I am just going to refer them to this blog post and save myself some time in explanations!


  1. Um, you are brilliant. I have been looking for curtain for my new apartment but haven't bought any because my windows are huge and the long curtains are super expensive. But duh- now I'm just going to use your sheet idea. I can't sew, so I'll just get some of that hemming tape and do it that way!

  2. My friend Heidi also has this idea which she posted on facebook:
    "I have another idea for you, this is what I did in my living room: For tall windows, buy those really long "swags" (12 to 20 foot or more). They're meant to drape across the top of your window treatment. Cut that in half or whatever length you need, and it's usually enough to make 2 panels from one swag. You can usually get these swags for an average of $20-40, so it also saves you a lot of money instead of having to buy fabric or custom drapes."

    And yes, hemming tape works great if you don't have a sewing machine!