Aug 12, 2009

Cassie's Wedding.

My cousin, Cassie, and Kevin got married this last weekend, and I had the priviledge of being a part of their lovely day. I got there early in the morning so I could get the flowers done before their evening wedding. I drove up and the barn door was open with a big sign hanging in the inside saying, "Welcome Rodeo Fans!" While I knew that the barn would be closed far before the wedding was to begin, the sign made me laugh because the scurry of everyone getting ready right before the wedding made the sign 0h-so-appropriate. I went upstairs to snap a few photos of her getting ready before the photographer arrived.So here are some picture of their lovely, backyard garden wedding. In no particular order really.
My family was there (except for my brother, boo hoo), and it's always a good time when the sisters and parents get together. Many laughs and jokes. So the flowers. Here is the bouquet I did. The flowers were ordered from Costco, and the lavendar and mint blooms are from my garden. I picked them early that morning before I drove over to the house. There is another lavendar filler flower from my garen in there, but I don't even know what it is.
The roses were so dang fat, that they really looked too huge on a boutonniere. So I made an executive descision with the help of Cassie (and her brother Brett, who begged to not have a sissy flower garden on his chest), to nix the rose and stay with baby's breathe, lavendar and mint blooms. Much better! So with roses this fat, the corsages were huge! But very pretty. However, I did run into the problem of them sagging on some of the ladies' dresses.Of course, the cake needed to be decorated, So I put flowers trailing down the side and a ribbon on the bottom to hide the cardboard stand.
And then I had a lot of leftover baby's breathe. My uncle, said, "who cares?", but it went against my grain to not use flowers. So I quickly made two sprays of it. One for the communion table, and one for Cassie and Kevin's head table.

I think they are an awefully cute couple don't you?
There they go, down the aisle and off into the sunset. Well, at least they are going around to the front of the house to take more pictures until their cheeks hurt.

And I just wanted to share some of the photos I snapped really quick and kinda far away of the lovely bride. She really is a princess isn't she?

And this last one is my favorite snap of the day. I was watching the photographer take pictures, and she said a joke and looked back at me. I snapped it right then and captured this. I am surprised I even had the camera ready, but it captured the joy of the day.


  1. Beautiful wedding! Great job on the flowers! Very nice!

  2. Thanks! I sure had fun doing them, and it was one of my most favorite weddings to ever attend. It was so fun, gorgeous, and sweet.