Aug 29, 2009

New blue shoes for girls

So the last blue baby shoes I had for girls sold out. Meaning they were so popular and I ran out of the fabric I had and couldn't make any more. Nor could I ever find that fabric again. So I have been trying for quite a few months now to make a new blue girl's shoe that I like just as much. I found the right fabric. Beautiful blue toile in a miniture print. Perfect for tiny feet....the only problem....I couldn't get the shoe to look right. I made it into five different kinds of shoes....and hated all of them. But this time....I GOT IT! May I introduce the Helene baby shoe?

Simple. A rosette on the toe with a French linen look.
Elegant. With some satin ribbon and pearls. Not over the top. Perfect.
Just so you know it's not all pretty perfectionism over here, I'll leave you with some fun pics caught at the end of summer. We're at the outdoor play fountains at the mall. Seriously fun to put your kids in swim suits and let them run around in them. It's right next to the Baskin Robbins Ice cream and totally, 100% free fun.
I believe it's chlorinated thank goodness. I'm praying there was a lot. And my personal favorite. The booty crack, water fountain enema. Nice. I should probably tighten that drawstring. Boys.

I made six, possibly seven new styles, so stay posted for more to come. They will be appearing in my etsy shop soon!


  1. It looks as though your kiddos were having a blast! My mom used to beg us not to drink from the fountains, but she eventually gave up and prayed that the water was somewhat clean. Those new shoes are too cute. We just found out that our cousin is having a baby girl in January, so I'm trying to make up my mind on which shoes to get her. You just made my decision a little harder!

  2. Do you have super powers? You AMAZE me. Cute shoes and adorable kiddos. Good work Mom.