Aug 24, 2009

"Nostalgia" - I Heart Faces

So the theme at I Heart Faces is "Nostalgia". So why did I pick this random shot? Well, I took it on our annual grandparent/grandkids motorhome vacation. Each year, it's my chance to spend time with my growing nephew and nieces, and for my own kids to get to know their cousins again. My in-laws take the kids somewhere new in the good 'ol USA for about 10 days. This year we went to Yellowstone. Here is Miss Aubrey (my niece), looking after my daughter, Ainsley. Aubrey just doted on Ainsley that week. It's the middle of summer, they are wearing cutoffs and old clothes, their shirts are stained, they've been playing in the dirt, blowing dandelions, saying "hi" to the horse, and it's time to come in for dinner. The sun in glinting off the Grand Teton Mountains in the distance (which are directly behind those bushes), and I just love how Aubrey is carefully making sure that Ainsley crosses the pasture successfully. This picture speaks of childhood, family ties, and good vacation memories in the beautiful USA together year after year as those ties grow stronger. These are the moments I file carefully in that imaginary file box in my head to take out and think on fondly as the years go by and the kids grow ever taller. To see many more nostalgic moments go to I heart faces by clicking on the button below: