Aug 14, 2009

Ranunculi headband

So I am in wedding mode lately, which has inspired some very bright fabric flowers around here. I made this headband with two Ranunculi flowers on them or at least I think they look like Ranunculi. Or maybe they're just roses full blown open. That's about the time I toss them when they are in a vase. So I'm going to go with Ranunculi. See Ranuculi look like this:

Gorgeous right? And my headband looks like this: So see, I say, definately Ranunculi. Or...sorta....kinda.
Here is the view from the other side. I'm not really sure which view I like better.

Now if I could only get a certain little two year old girl to pose for this for me. She loves to wear it, but the girl is always full speed ahead and I get a blur when I try to take a picture. It's much better taking the picture on a rock. Rocks don't move......

I'll see if I can get a pic for you when she wakes up from her nap......

Later on today: So the girl woke up. I took them out to a street in Fresno that is just completely gorgeous. Huntington Boulevard has a huge grass boulevard running down the center with huge trees, lamp posts, and old houses lining the walks. Here is Ainsley sitting at the base of one of the huge trees. Mind you this photo shoot was totally unplanned. Therefore, she is wearing her denim dress, which may come off just a tad "80's" in these photos.
However, I was lucky enough to spy an old house that was vacated. The sun was behind the house casting a beautiful glow and it had old peeling whitewashed brick, an old gate, black shutters, a porch, and all just a couple feet from the sidewalk. Just....Oh my! Perfect for an impromtu photo session. It reminds me of looking through the garden gate to a secret garden that has been deserted for a while.....or something like that. OK, maybe not, but it really WAS a lovely spot.
And yes, there were plenty of lovely trees and flowers by the sidewalk to get some great shots. I got some wonderful shots of Hunter in a huge old tree. My favorite though is this one of him in this little Japanese Maple.Now even though this street is in the old part of town. It's pretty classy. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as we stepped out of the car and got everything out (stroller, snacks, camera, waterbottles, etc.), Hunter informs me he has to go potty. He wanted to pee right there in front of a classy house on their bush. Ahem, well, what's a mother to do? I walked him around a corner where it wasn't so classy and let him do his business.......And Oh all right! I guess they can't all be lovely shots. After about an hour of so walking around in the stroller, pointing at houses, and stopping every once in a while to take pictures, Hunter had to get goofy. A boy can't smile ALL the time, right?

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  1. Oh my goodness...she is gorgeous! That headband is darling! Her big bro is pretty cute too!