Aug 31, 2009

So What Inspires You?

A while back, I was struggling to come up with some creative new designs, so for a couple months I let my shop languish and I went on summer vacations instead and enjoyed sweet faces like the one in the picture above. My daughter is inspired by a simple rock. Ahhh childhood! It must have been the break I needed, because when I got back, my brain was practically exploding with ideas! I designed 12 new styles in 3 weeks, and I have about 6 more to design and post in my shop.
So to celebrate creativity, I asked what inspired you and held a blog giveaway for the Audrey shoes. LadyJane, you are the winner! You have 48 hours to contact me. Also, I know I said that they were in size 3-6 months, but I'll make you a fresh pair in whatever size you would like (my email link is on the profile page).
I got the BEST answers. Some pulled at my heart strings, like the mom who went to the hospital BY HERSELF with her new baby, or the Moms who are entering with the wish that God has the plan for a child in their future. There seemed to be a common theme in inspiration when it came to nature and your children. Inspiration came from nature, children, etsy browsing, friends, science, photography, other creative blogs, and magazines, to name a few. To that I answer, yes, yes, and yes. All those inspire me. There are such beautiful things surrounding us everyday, but the key is to stop and LOOK! I guess I needed a vacation in God's beautiful mountains with my sweet family around me, to get me out of the daily grind, and refresh my soul.

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