Aug 4, 2009

Suddenly inspired!

So maybe vacations are really a good thing! I am suddenly Inspired by these shoes!
Here's how it came about: I am surrounded by weddings lately. Family weddings. I am doing the flowers for my cousins wedding on Saturday (I learned how to do wedding flowers in a former life), my step brother got married this month, and I am in the process of getting a wholesellers license so I can get mass amounts of flowers for my sister's wedding next summer. So I have been browsing the magazines thinking of weddings and dreading designing any more new baby shoes because nothing good has come to mind for about three months. A bad case of BURNOUT!

But a week of vacation rejuvinated the spirits, and when I saw this picture in a magazine, my head started spinning. Inspiration! I had been depending on the popularity of old styles for about three months and was coming up with nothing clever or new. So here is some of the new material I have, and I am ready to put up about 7 new styles. I am sewing like a mad woman! I'm finally excited again to be sewing something new.

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