Sep 2, 2009

The big 3-O!

So yes, today I am turning 30. I have been dreading it for quite some time now, though my life definately meets all the criteria for being thirty. Married, check. Kids, check. House with a yard in the suburbs, check. Mommy play groups, check. Career, check. Yep, definately time to be thirty. I think that's why I don't like the thought of thirty. Maybe I would still like to feel I could have those carefree, throw caution to wind, college days....if I wanted. But the truth is...I don't want to. The reality is, as normal and boring as this life sounds, I love it! I love my wonderful husband to whom I have been married to for seven years. He still manages to keep our marriage fresh by loving me in creative ways. I love my two children who are now out of the baby stages. Their sweet personalities are emerging and I am loving who they are becoming. I have loved building my "nest" in our first home and finding community in our local church, school, and neighborhood. I enjoy creating in my little office and building up a small home business after taking a hiatus from teaching. Yes, I guess it's time to be 30.
So you know when you are in college, you have these grand dreams for career and travel and life? Well, mine has turned into the vintage housewife, and I couldn't be happier. Luckily, I managed to snag myself an airline pilot for a husband, so once a year, we travel the globe, and so those dreams haven't completely gone out the window.Here I am at 27 months. Ainsley is 27 months right now. I am exactly her age in this photo. If Ainsley grows up to have a life like mine, I think she would be ever so lucky. I pray daily that she (and Hunter) would choose wisely their Master, Mate, and Mission in life. Isn't that truly every parent's prayer. Who will be master over their lives? I pray the Lord, and not a person, or a substance, or a career, or selfishness. Will they choose their lifelong partner wisely? Will they find their Mission? Who has God designed them to be? Everyone has a purpose, a Mission, if you will.And me? Did I find out my Master, Mate and Mission? Yes, I think so. And the mission is ever evolving as God takes me on many new paths. I know what gifts He has given me to use, but they often take me on strange new turns. Who knew I would start a home business with my creative side? Never me in my wildest dreams. God just says, take my hand, hold on tight, have faith, and I'll take you ever higher to new places I will show you.So Happy Birthday to me! 30 isn't so bad afterall. And just to prove how richly I have been blessed, two dear friends showed up on my doorstep with a bouquet of flowers and Starbucks this morning. A wonderful way to start the day!So I raise my cup of Starbucks and toast in the 30's! Here I go marching down the road toward 40! Oh boy.
P.S. But I think I'm still hanging on to my skinny jeans.


  1. TEARS in my eyes. I am ever so blessed that you are in my life Jenny. A Godly woman who I desire to be like. xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Jenny. You are truely blessed. I feel the same way. Michael and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary today. God is good. I am glad to know you. You have enriched our lives. God bless you now and into eternity.

  3. Happy birthday!
    Personally, I think at any age you can have a blast and enjoy life. I learn so much every year that I would never want to go back to a younger age. So welcome to the next chapter of your life and DANCE!