Sep 22, 2009

Bird clips

What do you do when you have a box of scraps that looks like this? This is a year's worth of scraps from sewing shoes. A whole year of brightly colored fused fabric and felt. So why did I save all these "worthless" scraps. Because everything can be put to reuse, silly! I have been meaning to make clips out of this box since I began, but never got around to it. Yesterday I did. Boy are these cute little suckers addicting to make! And so darn cute in Ainsley's hair! I made a lot of them. They each have a different colored belly and wing with a tiny beaded eye.
They have a felt lined snap clip on the back. The felt makes it so it doesn't slip out of Ainsley's ultra fine hair.
I pretty much have a bird for every outfit. You can find them in my store now. I sell three in a set. No two are alike and you get a random assortment. However, it doesn't seem to matter. They match pretty much anything.

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