Sep 18, 2009

A Purse, a giveaway, and an update

Occasionally I break out of the box. OK, actually I sew a lot of other things besides baby shoes. I just don't sell them. So I made this purse for a friend. Actually I made two exactly the same because I liked the first one so much. So while my friend got the first one for her birthday, I still have this one. It's not super big, but it's roomy and it has a large strap for going around the shoulder. The outside is practical brown corduroy for tossing in the washing machine hiding the dirt. I mean you could toss in the washing machine, but if you're like me, I would prefer one less thing to remember to wash. Oh yeah, and those flowers? They're on pins so you can just take them off, put them on a jacket, rearrange them, or wherever else you can dream up to put them.

It fastens with a loop over a wooden button.

So if you want the extra purse with flower pins I made, there is a paypal link at the bottom of this page and it can be yours! However, I did make a couple of extra pins, in addition to those on the purse as well, that I am giving away. Just leave a comment and I'll pick a winner on Monday and send them out to you. A daisy in green damask fabric, and a flower in a natural canvas fabric.

My garden is fading. It's the end of summer and the roses are throwing out some last blooms. To make three little blooms still look like an arrangement on my table, I put them in three little vases lined up on a vintage bread plate.

Now for an update on the kiddos. If you have made it this far reading, good for you!

Ainsley has enough hair for pigtails! Probably the smallest pigtails you ever saw on a girl, but since she is now two and I have been waiting for hair FOR-EV-ER, this is blog worthy. I LOVE doing little girl's hair with braids and ribbons and bows, and have been waiting and waiting and waiting on Ainsley's.

Luckily she likes to wear things in her hair everyday. She loves to comb and fluff her hair - what little she has!

And Hunter. After his rough start in kindergarten, I have had many inquiries about how he is now doing at school. While we periodically have a few tears some days, he has settled into the rhythm of it all and is enjoying it. He loves the predictability of the schedule, and works very hard at getting all his work done. He is working on beginning reading, and is doing quite well.

He is still managing to make a name for himself however. This week he got sick at school. The teacher and I thought he was faking because he got sick during a tough workpage and started crying about not being able to finish it. Then he said his tummy hurt. Anyhow, we largely ignored the fact that his tummy hurt, and enouraged him to participate, thinking he was just upset over not finishing the page. But he never got over it. I finally realized his tummy did hurt and he slept on the couch the rest of the day. The next day he was perfectly fine and we fed the ducks and then I sent him off to school. Apparently he was fine the whole day until it was time to go home. As he walked out of the classroom past the office door, he started crying and throwing up buckets. Mind you this is when the whole school is letting out and walking right passed that doorway. Yes, it was special. And super gross. I think everyone at John Wash School is starting to learn who Hunter is.

PS. I let him stay home the next day

Purse and pin set is $30 (and this includes the price of shipping).


  1. Super cute! LOVE these flower pins so much. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I love the purse and the flowers I can't wait to have a little girl of my own and be able to buy some of your shoes for her! They are to cute!

  3. Might I ADD,,,,that the purse is the perfect length. The strap is PERFECT, the color is PERFECT, and the flowers are PERFECT. YOU ARE PERFECT JENNY!!!!!!

  4. By the way, Mande, you won the flower pins! You can email me at, or I'll contact you on your blog.