Sep 6, 2009

Straps and green shoes.

So I made these green shoes for Ainsley to match an outfit of hers. I had designed a shoe with an ankle strap/tie like this a long time ago in the winter/spring when I was working on sandal patterns (which I abandoned after 6 different tries). I thought I'd make another go at it. Then for a while in the summer I thought someone else might sell a shoe with a similar strap, so I never came back to it. Ainsley liked them, and they certainly stayed on. When I designed them last time, I used a thicker ribbon which kept coming untied. This small one seems to stay tied just fine. I believe the length of the front strap needs a little fine tuning but it is still pretty darn cute.Now these shoes, called the Mon Cherie shoes, currently are a best seller in my shop. However, I made a pair for a toddler, and I put straps on them. Now I am not sure which style I like better. What do you think? Straps or ribbon ties? Or just let the customer pick when buying them?
They really are super cute with those straps too!


  1. Personally, I really like the little straps!

  2. Straps huh? I was kinda thinking the same thing. And so much more practical too really.

  3. I just found your blog via your etsy shop... all because of these shoes. I literally gasped when I saw them - they are the cutest shoes I've ever seen! (the green ruffle ones) Do you ever sell patterns? You are so talented!

  4. omigosh! Those are the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen! I can't decide between straps and the bows. They are both to sweet. Do you ever sell patterns? Absolutely beautiful.

  5. I have never sold the patterns. Mostly because I "eyeball" some things, and some of the things I do, I don't know how I would describe. I just know to do it after sewing 600+ shoes. Also, my business is built off of it, and I have unfortunately been the victim of much copycatting.
    But thanks, I love doing what I do, and thinking up new ideas.
    Presently the straps are sewing better in my shop.