Oct 23, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Hunter!

So this little baby is growing up on me....here is Hunter at one week old. We put him in the leaves on a lawn near our house. He was born during "peak week" in upstate New York. Back east, the leaves all change during one week called, "peak week." It couldn't have been more beautiful.
And here he is now. This was taken at five years and two days old on his first school field trip to the pumpkin patch. Such a big boy. Actually at birth he wasn't that small either at 9lbs 15 oz. That's 10 pounds of baby folks! It made for some kissable cheeks though. His pants never stay up and you can see all his bones, so I wonder where all that cute chub went? Oh well.
For his birthday, he wanted a pirate party. Of course, because that seems to be the "fad" boy party right now. And every year I make a special cake for him. This year I made him a pirate ship. I make it the night before and when they wake up on their birthday, it's waiting for them to see. It's our main birthday tradition. Even daddy helps me with the cake if he's home.
Happy birthday big guy! We are proud of the boy you are becoming!


  1. What a great birthdaycake! I bet she tasted as good as she looked.
    Congratualations to Hunter and his mum!
    Thursday our little boy became two, time is really going to fast...
    Greetings, Tintel

  2. Jenny, I remember when Hunter was born. I was so blessed to be there. I knew then I was really part of the Plumb/Stover/Pate combined family. You and Tone' have done such a great job raising Hunter and Ainsley. I can not wait until number 3 arrives.

  3. I love that baby photo in the leaves! And he's growing up into quite the handsome young man. Saw your etsy shoes and they are SO adorable!
    pk @ Room Remix