Oct 6, 2009

Happy Fall!

Just a post of my mantel. Very inexpensive. In fact, most of it was bought at the Dollar Tree. The crows, vases, pumpkins, white berry wreaths, black candle stand and apple....all one dollar. My living room is red, pink and green. I can't put orange decor in there or it'll clash! So this is my solution. Shades of neutrals, whites, and black. I made the boo banners out of craft paper, tulle, and ribbon. The ones in the vases are on skewer sticks stuck in spanish moss.

You can see in the mirror that I even have some crows and pumpkins on the shelf on the other side of the room.
This next picture seems to channel a little "Snow White".

What's that? You actually wanted to see a picture of the shelf on the other side of the room? Don't we always love to peer into other people's spaces? Ok, well here ya go. But I hadn't put the crows up yet when I snapped this picture. I had just hung the three botanical fern pictures under the shelf. However, I do now have two crows on the shelf and one perched on the moss in the vase. And yes, (I know you are thinking it), as an English major, I have definately read every single work Edgar Allen Poe published. Hmmm, it's bothering me now that I didn't notice the hanky hanging there was crooked.

Here's a little note about my photographing today. I cropped in close so you couldn't see the floor. We had a bunch of friends over yesterday and there are still a lot of toys laying around. I stepped awkwardly around cars and tracks to get these shots.

Happy fall everyone! I couldn't resist a picture of this little guy who has been living on this plant for weeks. He eats the bad bugs, so we let him stay.

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