Nov 25, 2006

Meet Me!

Who is the creator of this blog anyhow?

My name is Jenny. My parents did not name me Jennifer. It is really and truly only Jenny on the birth certificate. I was born and raised in California, and except for a brief stint in Antarctica (Ok, ok, it was really only upstate New York), I have lived in the sunshine state all my life. I plan to make it stay that way. I am a Californian at heart since I have decided I don't like living in snow, and I prefer to wear flip flops and jeans most of the year. I am a sinner, saved by grace, who believes the best way to live is with transparency. Thus this blog. My family and I are never perfect, though the smiling pictures may tell you otherwise. I often share my struggles, failings, dreams, and hopes on this blog with the hope that it will encourage someone else.

What makes me, me?

I can't even pretend to be a super duper housewife. So you won't find any tricks for that on this blog. I love to read a good classic English novel (I'm an English major), get crafty with just about everything, decorate my first home, and love on my children and husband. My favorite place in the world is up the hill in the Sierra Mountains, basking by a mountain lake or swimming in the water. I love to travel. That worked out well for me because my husband is an airline pilot and so we like to travel the world. We plan a trip about once a year.

What is this blog all about?

In short, my life and passions. My life as a wife and mom. My life running a small business making baby shoes. My passion for my Lord and Savior and what it means to live a life for him. My passion for beauty. I love to share beautiful things I have found or created.

Who is your family?
Well, first off there my's husband, Tone'. Also creative, but in a very linear, perfectionistic type of way. He's an airline pilot, and a wonderful husband and father. He's the strength that holds us all together.

Hunter is my son. He is fun loving, type A, stubborn, and obsessive about getting things "just so". He loves to build. Anything really. He owns blocks, legos, lincoln logs, train tracks, and hotwheel tracks and spends just about all his time creating some elaborate system.

Ainsley is my daughter. Completely the opposite of type A. She is social, a drama queen, scatterbrained, and a charmer. She loves her dollies and doll house, and whatever Hunter is doing. She likes to dress up and pretend to be a ballerina or a princess.

Tessa is our youngest. She was born with a large tumor that was removed 5 days after birth with no damage to her little person. We call her our miracle child since the tumor could have/should have been more serious than it was. We all dote on her and she brings much joy and humor to our family.

So I have a question. How do I contact you?

Please email me at

I will do my best to respond, though I may not always get to it for a while. I enjoy my blog readers and treasure your comments.


  1. You failed to add that you are an amazing friend and have a great sense of humor.

  2. I have loved your items on Etsy for the longest time and just realized you have a blog! I would love if you visited my blog I am definitely going to get my Anna some of your beautiful things!


  3. What DARLING family you have! I am jealous about the traveling part :) And I love the mountains too. Thanks for taking the time to link up!