Oct 28, 2009

Playing catch-up

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Morning sickness has kicked me to curb. Do you know how far behind I feel? In my shoe orders from my shop I am about 4 days behind. I did manage to sew four pairs to today and feel rather successful. I am also rather behind in household tasks. Can I just say I HATE folding and putting away laundry. However, if I did it a little more often, it probably wouldn't build up to the point where the clean loads take over my whole bed. Note to self: maybe try doing it more often! Ha!It probably didn't help that during my main "work" time when Hunter is at school and Ainsley is napping, I found this cheerful face asking to get out of bed. This happened a couple of different days this week where she never did actually nap and I ended up giving up after an hour or so. *Sigh* So much for sewing.We did attend a fun halloween party. Somebody, somewhere took a picture of our whole outfit, but alas, it's not on our camera. Tone was the Dread Pirate Roberts and I was Princess Buttercup from the movie, "The Princess Bride". I had the full red dress on with boots, and Tone was in black from head to toe with black pants, a sash, and cuffed boots. We watched the movie a few times to make sure we got their outfits just "so". Call us nerds, but it was totally fun. I ended up having to sew mine because nowhere could I find a dress with a full red skirt. And yes, Tone nursed that stache a full two weeks so he could trim it just like Westley's. We did win best costume though. I believe we won because of the mustache. A note on the bedrooms:
Our room is only one in the house that is not finished. It still needs to be painted. We are going for a travel theme since we both travel together so much. The white walls really bug me. Oh well, maybe next spring or summer. Our whole bedroom set was made by Tone. He made the dresser, bedside tables, and headboard. Actually the headboard is a heavyweight canvas shower curtain I found on clearance and he stapled it over a plywood backboard he made. It cost around $30 to make. No one has ever guessed until I tell them.

Ainsley amazingly has never pulled off the netting hanging above her bed or has ever messed with it. She even still has the mobile hanging up and likes to have it turned on when she goes to sleep still. She has never made an attempt to climb out and so for now, we still have her in crib where it's easy to make sure she stays in bed. If only Hunter was that easy.......


  1. LOVE the costumes! I hope mine turn out that well! I really hope that you start feeling better too!

  2. You guys look great!
    The stache is pretty Awesome!
    Sorry you're feeling yucky. I hope it goes away soon.

  3. No...you guys won because your skirt was made out of children's sweat pants. You guys won, there really was no competition. You and Troy. HAHA