Oct 29, 2009

A warm cap giveaway

'Tis the season....no, not for Christmas. Aack! I don't even want to go there yet! The season for cold weather! It's finally getting a chilly around here in California. This morning was the first morning we have woken up with a thin layer of frost on the roof. There go my roses! Drat!
Anyhow, in honor of that, I made a "warm weather set". I guess I could have made it with boots, but shoes work better with the type of leggings I make because they have a ruffle at the bottom. Just wear 'em with socks I guess (there's plenty of room).

Here are some other caps currenly available in the shop. And unlike my shoes, I make them in sizes newborn to adults.

Pink fleece with a polka dot posy. Pink fleece with a satin yoyo and pearls posy.
And lastly (my favorite for adults), a grey fleece cap with a cream felt flower.
This was taken of Ainsley last year in the middle of December. Her cheeks are a little flushed with the cold. The poor thing didn't have really any hair last year, so she wore caps all winter long.She looks as cute as a button though and didn't mind putting her bare legs on that rock. The things I put my children through for a picture. I didn't have my super duper nice camera then, so this was as good as it got with a point and shoot. She was wiggly and it wasn't until after I took as many pictures as she would let me that I realized that I had cut off part of her head in the best photos. Oops! I've gotten better since then....but I digress..... The MAIN point of this post is to let you know that I am holding another giveaway...a cap! And everyone can play since I will make it in whatever size you want. Christmas is coming....it could be a cute gift if you win. Some are obviously for little girls but I have had women order and wear the grey one with the cream felt flower.

Here are the sizes:

To enter just let me know what size you would pick, which one and who you would give it to (or maybe you would keep it).

I'll pick a winner November 2nd....just in time for cold weather!


  1. The caps and shoes are beautiful!

    Infant -to my cute little niece, Emery

  2. YAY another giveaway. I want to WIN!!! I miss you, and I would love an adult size for myself :)

  3. Dearest Jenny,

    I would love to wear your beautiful gray cap with flower. I would like to look feminine. I would like to display your talents wherever I go. Thank you for being so creative and clever.

    Sarah's Head

    PS - Sarah would be willing to buy a matching one for Nina's head, too - or vice versus!

  4. I'd love just about anything! If not an adult size for my own, than certainly a smaller size for a gift. :)

  5. lovely!
    I would pick the a grey fleece cap with a cream felt flower - size Toddler.

    thanks for the chance :)


  6. I have a niece who loves all things pink--a cap would make her (and me!) very happy!

  7. I love the caps! I'd pick the pink fleece with a satin yoyo and pearls posy - infant - for my daughter.

  8. I'd let you pick an adult size for me!

  9. I would pick the Pink fleece with a satin yoyo and pearls posy. in Child size!
    So cute!