Nov 3, 2009


Halloween. The holiday where Hunter decides to be something weird and then I have to figure out how to make it. He decided this year he wanted to be a "big fat hippo." Really? Yeah, so this is what I finally made him. Here he is at school in the costume parade. Obviously he won for his grade level for "funniest costume". Luckily, Ainsley informed me she wanted to be a ladybug. Good something completely normal. Something you can buy at Walmart for $12. My kind of costume. Then we went to the pumpking patch for a birthday party. Actually, we had two birthday parties and a block party to go to on Halloween. I think we were home for all of one hour that day. It was pretty tiring to say the least. In fact, this next picture is at about 4:00 and napless Ainsley is starting to show a little attitude. This stump was the first step into a set of tall steps that went up the tree to a big tree house. And the train went by underneath it. So Hunter loved to stand up there and watch the train go by. And then of course we rode the train too.
Captain Jack Sparrow made an appearance at the party. Who knew he loved shaved ice?
And what tree house is complete without a rope swing?
So way too much cake and sweets later....
We finally went home just in time to join the neighbors for some trick or treating. Hunter didn't like it (shyness always gets the better of him), but Ainsley did. She thought it was the best thing ever. She also figured out if you say "trick or treat" more than once and keep holding your bucket out, you might get double treats. What a conniver!
Hope you had a happy halloween!
And if you made it this far through the post, then you should know that the winner of the cap is Sarah Stepanian! Congrats!


  1. If Ainsley had come to my door, I would have dumped my whole bowl of candy into her bag. She looks pretty cute in that lady bug costume. And of course Hunter would win...his mom makes the most amazing costumes.

  2. I love the hippo costume! You are so creative. Ainsley's expressions are too funny! Hope you're feeling better!

  3. Cute costumes and even cuter kids! Kudos to you!