Nov 10, 2009

If I only I had posted.......

Throughout the day I compose twitter or facebook updates in my head as a way of mumbling to myself about my lot in life. While pretty much NONE of these get posted, I would just like to share with you a smattering of a few of the ones that were composed in my head and discarded this week.

Ainsley has taken her pants and diaper off in her crib for the umpteenth time this week. Why does she insist on sleeping naked?

Hunter has decided that underwear, and only underwear, is the perfect outfit for the day.

While baking a pie for our friends tonight, it dripped and just about smoked us out. The pie was still good though.

I forgot I still had pie drippings in my oven from last night, and just about smoked us out again while I preheated the oven for tonight's biscuits. No bread tonight.

Ainsley told me her room was "spikey". I figured out the light was off and she meant "spooky."

Hunter woke up this morning with a ring around his mouth from last night's chocolate sauce on his ice cream. I guess I was more into getting him into bed than cleanliness. Oops.

Ainsley dressed herself this morning. The bottoms were the pink sparkley bottoms of her bikini swimsuit. The top was her heavy jacket. She told me she was ready to go outside now.

Hunter is running around our backyard with his cowboy hat, trench coat and underwear on. That's all.

Hunter has decided that if we have a girl, we are naming her Angelina. Daddy and I veto.

Hunter's new word is "ridiculous." He uses it quite liberally. Especially on things I do.

Ainsley was told not to bounce on my bed. She fell off and bit all the way through her lip. Guess she learned.

Why do I find racetracks clamped to every piece of furniture in my livingroom? I'm not allowed to move them either. Hunter says so.

Why did Ainsley feel the need to dump over all my folded laundry so she could find and dig out a shirt on the bottom to wear?

How is it two kids can fight so hard, and then cuddle like this on the couch like nothing ever happened two minutes later?
How come supermoms don't get paid?


  1. I enjoyed this post so much, Jenny! I laughed and laughed. I love you and Hunter and Ainsley and Tone so much!!

  2. This has been one of my favorite posts to read, Jenny! It is lovely, not only to get a glimpse into your life, but also to realize how similar it is to mine. :) I guess all moms of little ones have quite a lot in common! Take care!


  3. I LOVED this post. THANKS for the good laugh Jenny.