Nov 18, 2009

A Weekend at the Beach

We went back "home" this last weekend to Salinas where I grew up. My parents live only 20 minutes from the beach. We visited lots of old friends, stayed with my parents, and spend Saturday in Monterey enjoying the ocean. We first walked out on the Wharf to have clam chowder in bread bowls for lunch. Domenico's is delicious, but the best part is the view overlooking the wharf and the pelicans which sit against the window and entertain you while you eat. Seals, sea lions, and otters popped up every now and then too, and many different kinds of boats sailed right past the window on their way in or out to sea.Then we walked out down to the Coast Guard pier where the sea lions love to hang out. That one trying to get up on the rocks was particularly loud and noisy.Most sea lions ignored him however, and slept peacefully in the sun.We were enjoying the outdoors too much to go home, so we headed out around the point to Asilomar beach where the tide pools are. Hunter and grandad are scouting out sea anemonies, star fish and hermit crabs.
The rocks were slippery. Ainsley preferred hanging out on the beach and playing in the sand. She did not like climbing around on the rocks. The kids were too afraid to touch the sea anemonies even though I demonstrated how harmless and squishy they are. They covered almost every square inch of the rocks. Finally I got Ainsley to touch them, and that convinced Hunter that he should try it too (however cautiously). All in all, it was a lovely three day visit, and a nice break in the business of life.

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