Dec 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Oh my goodness, I have been MIA for about a month on this blog...which has totally never happened before. Call it a hectic holidays with toddlers and I'm pregnant and there is your reason. I have sat down to type out posts many times, or gotten out my camera to take pictures of the decor, only to realize I have no time or the house is too messy for photos. I have great posts. Really I do. I have an ultrasound picture, I took engagement photos of my sister and her fiance, my son did a great job in his Christmas program at school, but it just didn't get written. Maybe for this post I'll just focus on Christmas and save the rest for later in the week.

Hunter did a great job in his little performance. That's him front and center in the striped shirt doing a little twirl. He told me where he was going to stand and that he had a dancing part. I about had a heart attack. If you don't remember his first day of school and what a freak out he is new situations, well, lets just say he doesn't do well. The last time he was on stage about six months ago for his child dedication at church, he cried for about an hour first and spent his time on stage trying to hit Ainsley.I was a good mommy and just smiled and said, "that's great, Hunter!", when he told me. And much to my surprise he did great! This boy is growing up. He was so pleased with himself, that he found me in the crowd afterwards right away gave me a thumbs up as the song was ending. That's my boy.Now our tree doesn't look half bad in the above picture (sorry for the was taken with my point and shoot). This was taken about a week before Christmas after the kids were in bed and the house was semi decently picked up. And then there is the aftermath on Christmas day about one hour after opening presents. Oh help! They all had to open and play with their new toys right away including the big child who received Guitar Hero Rock Band and had to try out the new drums right away.

Now I realize that the reason for the season shouldn't be all this hectic hurry scurry. And for the most part, it wasn't. We did advent activities every night, we read the Christmas story many times, and sang lots of Christmas carols. We baked cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, sent out cards, visited family and friends, and enjoyed the season thoroughly. It's just that for me, this is not the season to be posting idyllic posts of my decor. Every thing about my house and life during this season screams "I have two little kids!" There is kid crafts everywhere, sticky cookie hand prints, and clutter galore. I mean my kid's favorite piece of Christmas decorating is the veggie tales nativity set. Hardly the photo op. So this year, I enjoyed it through the eyes of my children, and didn't worry about having a perfect house. Sorry blog for the lack of pretty pictures!

I do have some new fresh ideas for shoes wandering around in my head, but those will have to wait because next week we are visiting Tone's family in Missouri. Life marches on!

Dec 3, 2009

The Thanksgiving Marathon

We had a very busy week last week which involved two full Thanksgiving dinners. First stop, my Papaw's house in Angels Camp, California. Being that he lives on the end of a mile and a half dirt road on several acres, with lots more down the road, we took advantage of the scenery and outdoors. It's really lovely at his house up in the high foothills of the Sierra Mountains. The kids loved riding the ATV around and were squealing their heads off. Which was great until my sister, Krista and I took it out next, got a mile down the road, and then realized that they had run it out of gas. We were not looking forward to the walk back, but a kind neighbor helped us out.And a vacation at Papaw's house always includes shooting BB guns off the front porch at cans on the pasture fence . What? Well, OK, the Stover kids grew up country and we like to be a little redneck, even if we appear very cultured now.We drove straight from three days at Papaw's house to my Aunt's house here in Fresno for three more days of eating. My Uncle is an excellent cook, and makes sure we can only roll out the door by the time we go home. The menu included two turkeys (one smoked), AND a ham. Speaking of hams...these would be the sisters. And every year at their house, we attempt to get a Christmas photo. This requires everyone grinning and waving at the kids behind one of my sisters who is trying to get a decent photo of us. Ainsley was not amused. She looked mildly bored with all the gesturing at her.What can I say? A week with family included a whole lot more fun such as badmitton tournaments, a golf course set up in the horse pasture with manure standing in for sand traps, lively games at night, laughter, goofing off, many jokes, and making table decorations for my sister's upcoming wedding (yes, this was our one dignified thing we did). I am so thankful for my crazy, laughing, loving family. It's the spice of life don't you know?!