Dec 3, 2009

The Thanksgiving Marathon

We had a very busy week last week which involved two full Thanksgiving dinners. First stop, my Papaw's house in Angels Camp, California. Being that he lives on the end of a mile and a half dirt road on several acres, with lots more down the road, we took advantage of the scenery and outdoors. It's really lovely at his house up in the high foothills of the Sierra Mountains. The kids loved riding the ATV around and were squealing their heads off. Which was great until my sister, Krista and I took it out next, got a mile down the road, and then realized that they had run it out of gas. We were not looking forward to the walk back, but a kind neighbor helped us out.And a vacation at Papaw's house always includes shooting BB guns off the front porch at cans on the pasture fence . What? Well, OK, the Stover kids grew up country and we like to be a little redneck, even if we appear very cultured now.We drove straight from three days at Papaw's house to my Aunt's house here in Fresno for three more days of eating. My Uncle is an excellent cook, and makes sure we can only roll out the door by the time we go home. The menu included two turkeys (one smoked), AND a ham. Speaking of hams...these would be the sisters. And every year at their house, we attempt to get a Christmas photo. This requires everyone grinning and waving at the kids behind one of my sisters who is trying to get a decent photo of us. Ainsley was not amused. She looked mildly bored with all the gesturing at her.What can I say? A week with family included a whole lot more fun such as badmitton tournaments, a golf course set up in the horse pasture with manure standing in for sand traps, lively games at night, laughter, goofing off, many jokes, and making table decorations for my sister's upcoming wedding (yes, this was our one dignified thing we did). I am so thankful for my crazy, laughing, loving family. It's the spice of life don't you know?!


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I've been looking forward to a new post from you for awhile now. How are you feeling? It looks like you guys have been super busy. Your Christmas card photo looks great!

  2. I'm definately still feeling sick with ups and downs. Your Christmas tree is gorgeous, Megan! And I love the peach cobler idea instead of cake. Yum! The secret to the photo...photoshop. Ainsley wasn't looking in that picture, so I swapped her head from an identical picture where she was and it fit seamlessly. Tada! Now we are all looking at least.

  3. Love the fall pics in the previous post. Hope you are feeling well and not too tired, with the holidays and all!