Jan 28, 2010

The Results for now.....

So I just got back from my ultrasound....the second one in two days. Here is my GIRL sucking her on her fist. Yes, a girl was confirmed for sure this time. And she decided to suck on her fists during the ultrasound. So cute. This little girl does not have Spina Bifida. She has a very large teratoma growing off of the base of her spine. A teratoma is a large, benign tumor or cyst that grows when cells go rogue in the development process. It can have possible tissue, organ or bone components. Baby girl is about 7 or 8 inches long right now from head to tushy. The teratoma right now is about 3-4 cm long or around an inch and a half. That's quite large in perspective. So what does this mean for her?

Actually, it's quite good. She'll need immediate surgery when born to remove it, but aside from a large scar, it will not affect her in any way. During pregnancy though, there is always the chance that the teratoma can start to take over and steal blood from her. In this case, they will need to deliver immediately. Therefore, I am now in a high risk pregnancy. I will be taking steriods to develop her lungs quicker should they need to deliver early, and I will have ultrasounds every 2 to 3 weeks. We are going to get to know her quite well before she is born!

We have no idea right now how serious the surgery will be or even where I will deliver her. It's very likely that she might spend some time in the NICU at Children's hospital. I am going to have a flurry of appointments between my doctor, the ultrasound professional, the surgeon, and hospitals.

What can I say? Relief and greatfulness that she won't be crippled with Spina Bifida. That this is the best case prognosis for what they had seen on the ultrasound. I think the hardest part for me was just not knowing. I needed to know if she had spina bifida so my brain could move on from there. I knew my faith will carry me the rest of the way, and God will support me. Right now I just feel so relieved and thankful. And in the last two days, I have become so happy and excited to meet my little GIRL. Ainsley will love having a sister, just as I loved having mine.

Here are two good links for finding out more clearly what little girl has:


Especially watch the videos on the second one. I think it makes it the most clear.


  1. I love this little girl already. Thank you for your candidness, your transparency, your faith. You are inspirational and incredible and "real."
    I love that about you. Your children have been blessed beyond words having a mother like you.

  2. Jenny, I've been thinking about you all afternoon. I am SO happy to hear that this isn't as serious as they first thought. I'll keep praying for a healthy pregnancy and a big baby GIRL!

  3. So glad to hear it's not Spina Bifida. Will be praying for both you and her during the next few months. Love ya, BP

  4. We will be PRAYING for her!!! We can't wait to meet her, and embrace all of her imperfections for the wonderful girl they will make her.

  5. I'm not sure if i have ever posted on your blog but I do follow and read. I am a little behind but I wanted to say that I am very happy that your little girl does not have spinal bifida. So sorry for all the stress you have had to go through. I will continue to pray for you and your family and your new little girl and hope that everything turns out perfect in the end.