Feb 10, 2010

A Garden Full of Promise

So these popped up this week in our front yard. My irises should not be blooming yet, but with the unseasonable cold we had early in the season, they were tricked into popping up early. They sure smell good! But as I bent down to take these close pics, I was struck by how beautifully designed they are. God did really good didn't He?When he designs something, I guess He doesn't skimp on the details.
Wow! I'm glad I stepped in closer for a peek.
There are promises of spring all over my garden. It looks dead on the surface, but underneath, there are buds and shoots getting ready all over the place.
Here is another beautiful design who joined me in the garden. I guess God didn't skimp on her details either. Every day I am delighted with the little facets of her personality.
I guess I should clean out the bird bath and get it ready for spring. The daffodils behind it are about ready to pop!
The first to peep out are my crocus bulbs. But they are so short and small, and close to the ground, I have to purposely search for them. Kinda like a little private surprise. Likewise, I think people are full of tiny little surprises if you look close and are searching.
These two beauties below are full of those little surprises. I just have to look close and be purposeful about discovering who they are. It's the part of being a mom that brings the most joy. Details. Like the fact that Hunter thought the best place to pose was on the edge of the bathtub (when kids are ready to pose, you run for the camera and don't argue). That he thought slicked hair and a tie made him handsome for church (I don't have the heart to share with him my opinions on "nerdiness"). The fact that he threw his arm around Ainsley, and as I type this he is happily teaching her how to throw a beach ball with many compliments for her (never mind that it's in the house). It'll be exciting to see who God is designing with baby number 3! Details. God doesn't skimp on the details. He does beautiful work. Sometimes you just have to bend in close.


  1. That picture of Ainsley by herself definitely reminded me of you! Children are such a blessing from the Lord!

  2. Thank you for being so positive and encouraging: just what I needed, although I stopped in to try to leave an encouraging note for YOU!
    Can't wait to pray with a name!