Feb 22, 2010

Snow Day!

We took Hunter skiing last week for his first time. He did pretty well, and by the end of the day could snow plow to stop and he was figuring out how to turn. Of course he only went down the little bunny slopes. He took a little class and then tried some with Daddy when Daddy came back to check in. So what did Ainsley and I do? Well, obviously I can't ski right now, and Ainsley is too little, so we did things like taste snow.Then we built a little snowman and tried tasting him as well. Hunter also helped build the snowman. He took frequent breaks from skiing.
We also brought a little toboggan so that they could play on that during the day too.
Hunter and Ainsley quite enjoyed this. I was talking to Ainsley about her new baby sister. Here are her thoughts: Some are quite funny!


  1. Ainsley is adorable! How sweet she is in the video. Looks like a fun time on the slopes too!