Feb 13, 2010


Hunter is full of wonder and excitement over his new baby sister. Both he and Ainsley love to come up and talk to her, pat my tummy, giggle about a new baby sissy, and tell me all the things they are going to show and teach her.

But Hunter is smart enough to figure out that I have concerns about her. So we had a talk a couple weeks ago. Not wanting to hide what was happening, I also wanted to inform him in a way that was easy and not scary.

I told him that little sissy might need to come out earlier because she had a bump on her bottom that the doctors needed to take off. He said, "Oh, like Auntie Shari's back surgery?"

I said, "Yes, just like that, and then she'll be OK."

He giggled. He thought his little sissy was awfully funny with a bump on her booty. Just like we giggle at Ainsley when she does something silly.

Then I told him that she might have to come out a little early and be too little to come home right away. She might have to stay at the hospital for a while so she can get bigger. Hunter understood that.

After some thought he asked me, "But Mommy, did Jesus make her that way?"

I told him, "No honey, when Jesus makes things, He does a perfect job, but remember there is someone who ruined that. Do you remember who and when that happened?"

He said, "Oh yeah, in the Garden of Eden, Satan came, people chose to do bad, and now the world isn't perfect anymore."

I said, "That's right, now the world is messed up and bad things happen, but who is still more powerful and takes care of us?"

He said, "Jesus."

I said, "And who will be taking care of sissy for us to make sure she is alright?"

He said, "Jesus."

Then he was happy and changed the subject. No one in this family has much fear for her anymore. We just love her. We talk about her, her silly "bump", the silly things babies do, and how fun it will be to have a new sissy. We know Jesus is taking care of her, and we have peace. Just this morning Daddy and Hunter where laying next to me snuggling before we got up in the morning and both of them felt her for the first time kicking around. Hunter thought it was the greatest thing! Ainsley kept on kissing her and patting her.

She told me that she is going to "wock her and wock her and sing to her because she's owh, so cwute!" Hunter and Ainsley are so excited, and I really feel that this one completes our family perfectly.

Speaking of peace, I met with her surgeon yesterday. Dr. Hodge will be removing the tumor right after birth. I immediately felt God's provision within minutes of hearing him speak. He was knowledgeable and experienced with these kinds of tumors. His detailed explanations were clear, he was very confident and answered all my concerns before I even asked them. Apparently he is a top surgeon at Children's Hospital and has been doing surgeries for over 30 years. He explained before, during, and after the surgery, and has not had complications with any of these tumor removals afterwards. He said that he won't have to do a blood transfusion during surgery and that it should relatively easy for him to remove. He is going to take out the tailbone so that there is almost no chance of the tumor returning, and he expects that the only thing leftover from this ordeal with be a scar. Little girl is in good hands with an expert doctor for her right in town.

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