Feb 1, 2010

Good progress

This week one of the brightest rainbows I have ever seen seemed to end right at our house. The kids and I watched it as we drove all the way home. I ran in and I grabbed the first camera I saw lying around (unfortunately not my good one), and ran outside. By the time I got outside, it wasn't near as bright and the rain was starting again. But still, there was a bright rainbow coming through the clouds. Did I mention it seemed to end right at our house? God is a good God isn't He?

Good progress today.

I turns out that the doctor, the perinatologist, Dr. Woods, I saw on my last ultrasound; is well equipped to deal with our daughter's SCT unless it turns dramatically worse (in which case they'll refer me to UCSF hospital, 3 hours away). When I called today for more information, she was able to tell me what kind of teratoma (tumor) it was. It is external and is both cystic and vascular. This means that it is not reaching into her pelvis or abdomen. Many children born with an internal tumor have to cath to use the bathroom and could have hip problems because the tumor was in their abdomen. We are happy that it's not. The fact that it is both cystic and vascular seems to be common. This means that it is partly fluid (cystic) and solid (vascular with blood vessels through it which is harder on the heart). We are not letting the fact that it is partly vascular get us down. They will be carefully monitoring it of course to make sure that it doesn't over tax her heart. I was worried about our insurance group, Kaiser, not be able to give adequate care and not getting the referrals I need to make sure we get the care we need. My OB/GYN was filling out all the paperwork today to get all of my care turned over to Dr. Woods who is outside of Kaiser, but the only one local who is experienced enough to handle my case. Kaiser so far has done a wonderful job in the last two days getting a team in place to care for us. We have a genetic counselor who is our go-between to organize all the doctors, and handle any questions we may have. Tamera is very supportive, positive, and has been scurrying the last two days getting everything in place for us. In fact while I was talking to her on the phone, both my regular OB/GYN and Dr. Woods were calling/talking to her about me.

I also had questions about our daughter's care when born. Apparently our Children's Hospital of Central California here in Fresno has some of the best neonatal surgeons and a wonderful NICU, and our daughter is getting the best they have. He has extensive expertise in operations of this nature. I feel relieved. Fresno Children's hospital has some of the best care available across the nation I have discovered. There really isn't a better place for her, and best thing of all...it's local! We are in the right place. It would be so difficult to have a baby 3 hours away from where you live and to have to commute to see her with two other children at home. She will be taken to the Children's Hospital immediately after birth, so my goal is to recover quickly so I can go see her (I'll be in another hospital across town).
I think I mentioned God is good God, didn't I? Yes, we are so grateful for His provision for us today.

So now...we wait...and watch...and count the days to her due date. We are praying we can get as close as possible to June 16th, her due date. I am almost 21 weeks right now. Sorry for the rather poor picture that was taken of me this evening. This is what happens when your five year old son with a shaky hand wants to take the picture. You hand him the point and shoot and not the good camera. So I guess this is as good a picture as it gets for now. Here I am halfway through with this pregnancy. Yes, my low rise skinny jeans are still fitting and as comfortable as ever. I'm not really sure for how much longer.

Tone and I are close to a name for her. We are thinking about one in particular that we seem drawn to for a couple of days before we announce her name (just to make sure). We'll announce it soon.


  1. You are adorable! Addison and I are still praying for you guys. I love the fact that you have such a great children's hospital in your town. What a blessing!

  2. Such good news! Question - will they let you get a look at her before they whisk her away to the other hospital, or do you have to wait for your first look till you recover and can make it over there?