Mar 11, 2010


Fresno is an agricultural hub for fruits, nuts, and vegetables. In fact, for a couple weeks in spring, there is a famous route called the blossom trail which is full of fruit and nut tree orchards in bloom. The photographers all rush and take pictures during this time, and I thought this year I would join them. I got the kids all dressed up in their Easter outfits and out the door on Tuesday. There was finally a semi-sunny day and away we went. The best laid schemes....
Hunter and Ainsley are in my sister's wedding this summer, so I did double time on his outfit and made sure that his Easter outfit could double as a wedding outfit. Ainsley has a perfect hand-me-down for her dress and hat for Easter. Aren't those the best?

Anyhow, Hunter loves posing and looking handsome for pictures. Ainsley....well, not so much. She enjoys the dressing up part, but certainly NOT the posing part. In fact, she told me this week,
"Mommy, when the new sissy comes, I'm not gunna be cwute anymore. I'm gunna be AWESOME!"
Then she thought for a second,
"Well, Hunter can be awesome, I'm gunna be pwetty."
Apparently, you can only be one adjective at a time, and when a new baby comes, then you have to move on. In her mind, she has outgrown cute. And pretty is WAY better than awesome. Someday maybe she'll catch on to the phrase, "pretty is as pretty does." She was SO not getting the message during this photo shoot. She moped, whined, complained, and wouldn't pose during the whole thing. Oh well, at least one out of two cooperated. So from her, I don't have that great of photos. But after about a half hour the kids were done, and I figured that's as good as it's going to get for this year! See, Hunter is doing just fine. He found this crook in the tree and decided to sit in it. What a little model, no? I only managed two smiles out of Ainsley. Here they are:
Miss Sassy pants decided this face was better than a smile. No way was she going to show her teeth for me. Hunter looks like a stud. Who knows what Ainsley is doing. It was tough getting her to look up. She preferred to admire her dress.
Hand on hip. She is so done with this at this point.I asked Hunter to help her walk in the grass. Too darn cute. He is so good to her. They love each other so much!
So, well there you go. The famous blossom trail, and my semi-cooperative children. Next year I'll add a third child and really push my skills to the limit. I must be a glutton for punishment.

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